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Differences between the 2020 Searchmetrics and the 2023/2024 Jademond Baidu Ranking Factors Studies

SEO practitioners working on SEO for Baidu often use tactics and principles based on their experience with SEO for Google peppered with opinions…
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consumer rights and expectations in china

Navigating Compliance and Consumer Trust in China

In the Chinese market, brand reputation, and consumer expectations is not just a challenge—it's a necessity for success. The stakes are high, as…
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baidu webmaster tools search performance / search analysis

Baidu Search Performance Analysis

The "Traffic and Keywords" section of Baidu Webmaster Tools offers a window into this world, mirroring the Search Analysis feature in Google Search…
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baidu webmaster tools dashboard

Dashboard of the Baidu Webmaster Tools

As the gateway to optimizing your online presence in the world's largest internet market, the Baidu Webmaster Tools (Baidu Ziyuan) offer an indispensable…
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china seo experts - baidu seo experts

List of Baidu SEO Experts

Navigating Baidu's SEO terrain requires not just a keen understanding of SEO fundamentals but a deep dive into the nuances that distinguish Baidu…
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which tld for baidu seo

.COM or .CN Domain for Baidu SEO?

The debate between the efficacy of .CN versus .COM domains persists, fueled by myriad claims from self-proclaimed experts repeating the same narrative, that…
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Learning Baidu SEO for China Resources

Learning SEO for China / Baidu SEO

Diving into SEO for China, particularly SEO for Baidu, requires a unique approach due to its distinct internet landscape. This guide isn't a…
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chinese new year 2024 baidu doodle

Chinese New Year Doodles of Baidu & Co 2024

Chinese New Year Doodles 2024 As the Lunar New Year 2024 - the Year of the Dragon - unfolds, a fascinating divergence in…
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Baidu Webmaster Tools Setup Step by Step

How to Set Up Your Baidu Webmaster Tools Step-By-Step in 2024

(First published October 2023, Last Updated: February 2024) Welcome to the world of Baidu, China’s leading search engine with over 550 million active…
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search in china

How does Baidu view and handle international content versus local Chinese content?

Baidu, as the leading web search engine in China, presents a unique landscape shaped by cultural, linguistic, and regulatory factors. This article will…
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brand names in china

Crafting and creating Chinese Brand Names for Global Companies

The name of a company is a fundamental aspect of its brand identity, ubiquitous in every aspect of its presence, from Google searches…
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WeChat's Impact on Baidu SEO

What is WeChat’s Impact on Baidu SEO?

The role of Social Signals remains a topic of hot debate among digital marketers and SEO enthusiasts. While the consensus leans towards the…
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baidu seo versus google seo

What are the key differences between Baidu SEO and Google SEO?

When we talk about the giants of the search engine world, two names invariably dominate the conversation: Google and Baidu. It's like comparing…
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Importance of the Chinese Langugae for Baidu SEO

How important is the Chinese language for Baidu SEO?

Language is not just a medium of communication but a pivotal tool in International SEO (iSEO), particularly when it comes to navigating the…
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chinese TLDs on Baidu

List of TLDs / Top-Level-Domains in China

In the vast expanse of the internet, each country puts its own unique stamp on web addresses with what we call Top-Level Domains…
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What is SEO? And why does it need such an article?

When was the last time you tried explaining your job to someone and received a confused stare in return? For me, it was…
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