How to set up your Taobao shop: A Step-by-Step Guide. Part 1.

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Last time we looked into Taobao and Tmall, their purpose and differences. Now we will go through the step-by-step procedure of opening a Taobao shop.
Before you embark on your epic quest of conquering the great kingdom of Chinese E-Commerce by opening your Taobao shop, you should acquire these magical items first: 1 email, 1 business licence permit, 1 company’s code and 1 bank account number in China (the account doesn’t have to belong to you, it can belong to your representative in China).
Do you have them all? Great, let’s begin.
Step 1: go to Alipay’s website and click “Create new commercial account”.


Step 2: Fill in your name,  Chinese passport number, bank card number and your phone number.

Step 3: Fill in the following blanks: a. your Alipay password, b. you have to confirm your id again, type in a name, Chinese passport number, name of your company and its address in China.



Step 4: Get your confirmation code in an email latter, confirm your registration via email and hurray! you have an Alipay account.


Step 5: Login into Taobao with Alipay account.
Step 6: Click on ” Profile center” and then click ” Open shop”.

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