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In the Chinese market, brand reputation, and consumer expectations is not just a challenge—it’s a necessity for success. The stakes are high, as international and local businesses alike face stringent regulations and a consumer base that is increasingly discerning and loyal to brands that demonstrate integrity, quality, and authenticity. Recent incidents involving renowned global brands […]

Chinese New Year Doodles 2024 As the Lunar New Year 2024 – the Year of the Dragon – unfolds, a fascinating divergence in celebration themes emerges across Asian search engines, reflecting the rich tapestry of cultural values and symbols. Baidu and Qihoo, two of China’s leading search platforms, embraced the Year of the Dragon with […]

For companies looking to expand into the lucrative Chinese market, localization, and engagement with Chinese customers is key. Translation often doesn’t do the trick (we covered that in this article, having our Chinese native quality raters compare translated against transcreated content). Transcreation offers an incredibly powerful tool to enable businesses to tailor their messages for […]

China’s 618 Shopping Festival has become one of the largest mid-year promotion events in the country. This event, created by on June 18th 2010 to celebrate its 7th anniversary, is a response to Taobao’s Double 11 Shopping Festival and has evolved over time into an important part of e-commerce in China. Why is it […]

Spoiler: Currently there is no supplier of reliable data of Search Engine Market Shares in China. Our all time favourite is just soooooo wrong these days. In this article we are explaining what we observed and why statcounter can not be right. If you’re looking to dive into SEO for the Chinese market, you’ll […]

Richard, the webmaster of an international B2B website, entered a dimly lit tea house after a hard day’s work. The smell of scalding tea mixed with the musty smell of old books, creating an eerie atmosphere. He took a seat at the counter and ordered a cup of tea. While sipping his tea, he noticed […]

On the last day of November 2022, OpenAI opened the gates to their amazing texting tool chatGPT, which gained a million users just 6 days later. Not long after that, the first voices appeared predicting Google’s demise, as AI could provide useful answers in much less time and to the point to the user’s question, […]

Alibaba’s extensive adjustment – Taobao and Tmall will be fully integrated On January 6th, 2022, Trudy Dai (Shan Dai), the new president of Alibaba’s Community E-commerce since March of 2021, sent an internal letter announcing a new round of organizational adjustments of Taobao, and at the same time he newly established three centers: The most […]

The official data analytics tool is fundamental for any business looking for online customers, once it permits the brand to improve its storefront results. In this article, our team will introduce the basics of TMALL and Taobao store insights. There are several aspects included in the customer insights platform, each of them providing specific data […]

Foreign e-commerce companies face different regulations for online promotion outside China. There are many specific restrictions regarding online Marketing in China, as the promulgation of the latest advertisement law and intellectual property rights protection law requires any advertisement to be summited to review a second time even if passed the review by media network. Since […]