Taobao and TMALL Store Analytics 101: Learn how to Get Insights and Improve your Sales

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The official data analytics tool is fundamental for any business looking for online customers, once it permits the brand to improve its storefront results. In this article, our team will introduce the basics of TMALL and Taobao store insights.

There are several aspects included in the customer insights platform, each of them providing specific data costing 1188 yuan / year.

The insights tool can be divided into Your Storefront, Competitor Insights and Market Insights.

Your Storefront: Data regarding your storefront.

Competitor Insights: provides an analysis regarding your competitors.

Market Insights: gives information about the market and its trends.



The Dashboard provides basic data, which can be accessed in from their specific fields. On the dashboard, data related to visitors, browsing, transactions, conversion rate, etc. are available in real-time and it comprises the last 48 hours. Real-time profiles and real-time visiting list are also available there.

Among them, the real-time profile allows you to understand your business situation and sales. You can filter the data according to the system options, for example: your reach is low today, but the conversion rate is high, you can try to adjust the total of paid promotion, therefore bringing more paid traffic and achieving a higher turnover.


The top right corner of the dashboard, here you can choose to view, view the content, store insights and real-time visitors.

In combination, you can view your yesterday’s, last 7 days or 30 days data. The system will compare your daily average data in order to display as a percentage.

In the operation window, you can see a daily, weekly and monthly business data. You also can see expenditure of each paid promotion channel.

You can also verify the average data of other store at the same size and level as yours. The system can explore your store and provide comparative data.


On the traffic dashboard, you can check the traffic to your store, which gives insights whether your traffic has quality or not.


Traffic and Demographics

The traffic overview also comprises all demographic information related to your store, sorting the visitors into distinct groups in accordance to their profile and behavior.


The visitor analysis allows you to view the location of the store visitors, the used tags and the keywords they searched in order to find the store; you can adjust your marketing strategy and content based on these insights.


The competitor view analyses how similar stores are doing in the platform, by providing relevant sales and demographic data.


Source of commodity is more detailed to learn about the traffic source of your commodity and the source of traffic for your competition.


Market Dashboard


In the Market Dashboard you can verify the overall market insights, market ranking and search analysis related to the selected industry vertical.


You can choose the visitors’ chart, transactions and conversion rates within one year. In order to facilitate your strategic planning and arrangements for the next year, such as the sales patterns.

The product segments can be accessed in the dashboard and you can verify the product sales index, traffic index, growth amplitude and other data. Therefore, you may find other competitive store, top product and more business opportunities.



In the Search Ranking Module, you can see the general search terms and specific search terms sorted by groups or market segment.

It is recommended to select a base class, which can filter more targeted words by high click rate, high conversion, low-competition and market share. This data can help the store to improve its traffic.

The search analysis can be investigated separately by finding the related words and their category, which is equivalent to examining the people behind its usage.


Competitive Module


The competition module mainly shows the data of your competitor’s store by monitoring their data.

You have to add the links to your competitor’s store, therefore you can verify their store data and sales.

The Bidding Analysis displays key data comparisons between you and the competitors and TOP products, in order to find the shortcomings and disadvantages of the store, therefore you can re-plan the store’s product layout and analyze the competitors.


Competitive analysis can compare the data between you and the competition; check the drainage keywords and the transaction keywords, which can also check the flow of the competition, so that you can better gratifying you better. The explosion of the product makes a better plan.

The above is the practical function of my business staff brought, thank you for your viewing.

Kun has 10 years digital marketing experiences in Europe and China. His expertise includes SEO, Social Media, PPC and mobile marketing. He manages the strategy and business development of Jademond Digital. Pior to Jademond, he played provital roles in search marketing agency in Hong Kong, mobile marketing agencies in China and online video portal in Europe.

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