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Some of the services our teams have to offer for China and APAC

We offer SEO services for the whole APAC area with native speaking expertise from various Asian countries.

Social Media is "one" (or shall we say "many") most important channel(s) not only in China but all over Asia. Many brand and product discoveries happen on Social Media.

Your own e-commerce website might not get as much attention, as you like it to have, because in China and all over Asia you should be present on the big E-Commerce platforms to sell well.

Search Engine Ads are not the only places where you can find the Pay-Per-Click model. We help you be present on all important channels in APAC.

Tailor your Ads, Display and Social media strategy to gain followers, increase your brand social awareness and generate conversions and sales.

More and more bad quality Chinese content appears - and chatGPT or other content AIs are not helping to correct that. We will be your extra layer of quality assurance to help you publish outstanding content quality.

A Promise from Kun Tang, Founder and CEO of Jademond / Jadegital

Kun Tang, Founder and CEO

Online Marketing for China and other Asian countries in APAC is much different from what you know to work in Europe or the Americas. Some concepts might look familiar. Some Social Medias are slowly getting familiar, as Chinese apps like TikTok get adapted in the West as well. But the markets are extremely fast developing and changing in China, Korea, Japan and Vietnam. Let our experts help you find the right strategy for your journey to sell your products and/or services to South East Asia.


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