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  • An innovative Scifi-Tech-Thriller penned by artificial intelligence, "The Helix Protocol" delves into the suspense-filled world of SEO and digital espionage. Set in a fictionalized Madrid, the story follows a Chinese heroine as she navigates the complex and often murky waters of digital marketing. Facing mysterious challenges and high-tech intrigue, she must use her wit and expertise to unravel a web of deceit in a high-stakes environment where technology blurs the lines between ally and adversary. This novel, written by ChatGPT, explores the thrilling potential and ethical dilemmas posed by advanced technology in our increasingly digital lives. It also serves as a testimonial for what generative AI currently is capable of (and what not).
  • Dive into "SEO for China: Chinese Search Engine Optimization," your essential guide to conquering the Chinese digital market. Authored by Kun Tang and Marcus Pentzek, this book is a treasure trove of insights, focusing on Baidu and the unique aspects of Chinese SEO. Usually only available as a printed version on Amazon, now available for FREE in PDF format for a limited time! Whether you're an SEO novice or expert, this book offers valuable strategies and insights to elevate your online presence in China. Sign up to our newsletter, grab your copy today and unlock the secrets to SEO success in China!
  • Explore the key to successful marketing for International Schools in China with our insightful report. Learn whether platforms like Baidu, Weibo, and Douyin or global networks like LinkedIn and Google best capture your audience. Uncover the most effective keyword strategies to attract both foreign and Chinese parents seeking international education for their children. Download now to refine your approach and connect with your desired audience efficiently.
  • Dive into the '2023/2024 Baidu SEO Ranking Factors Correlation Study,' a comprehensive and updated analysis of the evolving factors influencing website rankings on China’s primary search engine, Baidu. This latest study, spearheaded by Marcus Pentzek in collaboration with Jademond Digital, expands upon his previous work at Searchmetrics. It delves into advanced aspects of SEO, including backlink quality, user engagement, and the unique nuances of the Chinese digital landscape. This study provides critical insights for SEO practitioners looking to optimize their strategies for Baidu and gain a competitive edge in the dynamic Chinese digital market. A must-read for anyone seeking to understand and succeed in Baidu SEO.
  • Discover key insights into China's 2023 maternity wear market with our detailed report. Uncover the latest trends, consumer behavior, and market dynamics in this fast-evolving industry. A must-read for anyone interested in understanding and capitalizing on China's maternity fashion sector. Download now for an in-depth analysis.
  • Gain essential insights into China's wine market in 2023 with our expert report. Understand the latest consumption trends, market dynamics, and consumer behaviors shaping the wine industry in China. Ideal for industry professionals and enthusiasts looking to navigate and succeed in this vibrant market. Download now for a deep dive into China's evolving wine landscape.
  • The "WeChat Official Account Setup and Required Materials" PDF is a concise guide for creating a WeChat Official Account, crucial for engaging with audiences in China. It outlines the registration steps, differentiates between account types, and lists the necessary materials and fees. This guide is essential for businesses and individuals aiming to tap into China's digital market via WeChat, providing clear, straightforward instructions for a successful setup.
  • The "Baidu PPC Account Setup and Required Materials" PDF is a practical guide for setting up a pay-per-click account on Baidu, China's leading search engine. It comprehensively details the application process, including the necessary documentation for both Chinese and overseas companies, and the various steps involved, from online application to account activation. This guide is particularly useful for businesses looking to leverage Baidu's vast reach for their digital marketing campaigns, providing clear instructions and insights into the nuances of advertising on this platform.

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