How to become a TMALL International TP Service Provider?

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With the development of e-commerce, as more international brands choose to stand to Tmall International, since many business opportunities are coming, additional benefits are available to Tmall International TP service providers.


Therefore, how do you become a Tmall International TP service provider?

This article is to introduce you to its business model and term & conditions.


Before the application process, let me illustrate the certification conditions for Tmall International TP service providers:


The store owner and operational entity are not the same company, as the operator may manage one or more shops in Tmall or Tmall International, which is a condition to be an “operational service provider” and do its authentication.

Keep in mind that Tmall International service providers are part of Tmall service providers, so they need to complete Tmall service providers before doing the international certification.


The overall certification process roadmap:


【Registering Service Provider —— Tmall Operator (New) Certification —— Tmall International Operation Service Certification】


  1. Settled in the service provider


1. Create a Taobao business account

The following steps are the registration process, you can fill the form HERE.

Register Taobao account, switch into a corporate account registration by pressing the prompt to complete the registration, this account is the service provider account.

2. Enter the service provider’s background (, log in to the service provider account, follow the prompts and bind the corporate Alipay account. (Note: personal Alipay accounts are invalid in this process.)

When registering a business account, log in to corporate Alipay, prepare the materials according to the image below, and complete the registration according to the prompt.


3、 Real person certification

New service provider: Once in the station, press the system prompt to complete the real person certification.



  1. Tmall Operation Service Manufacturers (New) Certification


1、 Log in to the service provider account, enter the service provider’s background (I.TAOBAO.COM or FW.TMALL.COM or FW.TMALL.COM Click to set Now), click on “Shop Management” → Services Management “→ Apply” Tmall Operator Server (New) “, fill in the basic information as prompted.


2、Fill in the shop Nickname, the information needs to be consistent with the contract uploaded to the system.

3、If the store has not passed the system assessment, it will be prompted as “unqualified store application” a new application needs to be done.

4、All require information must be filled and in case of any future changes, it has to be apdated within the system in order to keep the account running.

5、After the quotation of Tmall Operations and the second audit is passed (generally within 3 working days), it is necessary to pay the deposit fee which is 100000 Yuan. (the application for Tmall International TP service providers does not require the deposit.)




  1. Tmall International Operators certification (on behalf of the operating service provider)

1、Application Entry: Click on the “Shop Management” → “Service Qualification Management” → Apply to “Tmall Operator (New)” to fill in the basic information.

2、If the store has not passed the system assessment, it will be prompted to “unqualified the store guard”, therefore you have to apply again.

3、The application’s basic information must be completely filled in and based on the service providers. If there are any changes in the company’s information, it has to be updated in order to keep the account running.

4、Tmall International Operation Service Business Server Qualification will be audited and reviewed (general 3 working days)

5、Keep in mind after filling the process:

Once the Company Profile assessment passes, you must upload the company’s presentation and introduction. It is very important once it will be the first contact the partners may have with your business.


6. After all audits are passed, you can go to the service management to release new services.


The article described the certification process of Tmall International TP service providers which requires attention to the documents uploaded and the information filled in system, I wish you a successful certification.

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