618 Shopping Festival – Tips and Tricks for B2C Marketers

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China’s 618 Shopping Festival has become one of the largest mid-year promotion events in the country. This event, created by JD.com on June 18th 2010 to celebrate its 7th anniversary, is a response to Taobao’s Double 11 Shopping Festival and has evolved over time into an important part of e-commerce in China.

618 shopping festival

Why is it June 18th?

The date chosen for this event is likely based on three primary reasons. Firstly, on June 18, 1998, Liu Qiangdong founded JD.com, then the 6 symbolizes “everything goes well” and the pronunciation of “18” (yaoba) is similar to “yaofa” which means “getting rich” in Chinese. Another similarity exists in oral Chinese – 618 also sounds similar to phrases like “show your success” or “smooth progress.” These auspicious connotations make it a favorable phrase that can easily be spread and shared among consumers. Last but not least June is the mid-year period is known as “lazy season” for consumers, and the 618 Shopping Festival is an excellent way to energize consumer spending during this time.

Today, the 618 Shopping Festival is a major promotion period for e-commerce companies in China. During this time, merchants offer various discounts, coupons, and other promotional activities to attract customers and drive sales.

Should your business participate?

As a result of these promotional efforts, participating e-commerce platforms have seen increased numbers of participants and sales over the years.

Businesses can benefit from higher customer engagement and loyalty by offering discounts or other promotions during this event period.

Since its inception in 2010, 618 Shopping Festival has grown immensely in popularity and scope. What was initially a one-day event has now become an extended promotion period extending from June 1st to June 18th each year.

The 618 Shopping Festival is the perfect opportunity for all sorts of businesses and brands to take part in. From small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to larger multinational companies, all types of organizations can benefit from participating in this event. This includes especially retail stores, fashion labels, beauty and cosmetics brands as well as electronic device manufacturers.

Small and Medium sized Enterprises

For SMEs, the 618 Shopping Festival provides an excellent platform for building brand awareness and loyalty amongst their target customers. By offering competitive prices or discounts during this period, smaller businesses can increase visibility and attract more customers with relative ease.

Larger Companies

For larger companies, 618 Shopping Festival can be leveraged to drive higher sales and gain a competitive advantage over competitors. By offering promotional activities such as free shipping, discounts or giveaways during this event period, bigger businesses can create an even stronger sense of customer loyalty and increase brand awareness in the Chinese market.

Taking part in the 618 Shopping Festival has become essential for many large organizations looking to make their mark in the Chinese e-commerce landscape.

Your product category

The 618 shopping festival was initially founded by JD (even if other platforms also participate nowadays) and JD.com is known for 3C products (Computer, Communication, and Consumer electronic products). That’s what consumers also associate with the 618 shopping experience, which means that especially brands doing business like selling computers or home appliances are very much expected to do promotion activities during this shopping festival.

Tips and Tricks for your participation on 618

When it comes to benefiting the most from 618 Shopping Festival, there are a few key tips and tricks that businesses should be aware of.

  1. Offering competitive prices or discounts is essential for capturing the attention of potential customers during this period.
  2. Businesses should focus on creating engaging content to draw more consumers in – this could include video tutorials, helpful guides or interesting articles about their products.
  3. Businesses should make sure that they are active on those Chinese online platforms where 618 Shopping Festival is most prevalent.
  4. Make use of the exciting promotional activities that are available on these platforms during this event period in order to maximize their sales potential.

In addition to these essential tips and tricks, there are also a few trends that businesses can take advantage of when participating in 618 Shopping Festival.

  • – Live streaming has become a popular way of showcasing products and creating an engaging customer experience.
  • – Personalized experiences for shoppers such as tailored discounts or targeted promotions to capture their attention and build loyalty.
  • – Leveraging KOL marketing is a great way for businesses to increase reach during this period and draw more customers in.

It is clear that 618 Shopping Festival has had an immense impact on the e-commerce industry in China and will continue to do so in the future. Taking part in the 618 Shopping Festival is an ideal way for brands looking to make an impact in China’s e-commerce landscape.

It provides them with an opportunity to gain exposure and draw more customers into their businesses, while also providing a cost effective means of reaching out to the Chinese market.

If you are planning to benefit from 618, act fast

In this crowded marketplace (not just meaning JD, but the whole e-commerce landscape in China), 618 Shopping Festival can be leveraged as an invaluable tool for gaining a competitive edge over competitors. But this should be well orchestrated. Get your trusted digital marketing agency involved soon (or ask us for a quote).

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