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Navigating Baidu’s SEO terrain requires not just a keen understanding of SEO fundamentals but a deep dive into the nuances that distinguish Baidu from its global counterparts like Google. Over the years, a select group of individuals has risen to the challenge, carving out their niches as experts in Baidu SEO. These specialists have not only guided their clients to success but have also shaped the practices and strategies that define SEO in China today.

Baidu SEO Experts - China SEO Experts

From the pioneers who laid down the foundational Baidu SEO strategies to the current mavens who navigate the ever-changing algorithms, we explore the Who-is-Who of this domain.

Whether they’re now focusing on broader horizons or have remained steadfast in their specialization in Baidu SEO, their contributions continue to light the path for businesses and SEO practitioners aiming to make their mark on the Chinese web.

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Adam Di Frisco

Adam Di Frisco has carved a notable path in the realm of SEO, specializing in both English and Chinese markets, with an impressive track record that spans multiple countries and sectors. His unique blend of experiences, from studying Chinese Studies at Beijing Normal University to leading digital marketing strategies in the Greater Chicago Area, has equipped him with an in-depth understanding of the complexities involved in SEO within diverse linguistic and cultural contexts. Adam’s journey in digital marketing took a significant leap forward at Atigro, where, as a Senior Digital Marketing Strategist since July 2023, he has been pivotal in developing and overseeing comprehensive SEO strategies that encompass technical SEO, content strategy, and local SEO, among others. His role involves not only crafting these strategies but also supervising their implementation and educating clients and colleagues alike on their intricacies, showcasing his expertise and leadership in the field.

What does Adam do today?

Presently, as the Senior Digital Marketing Strategist at Atigro, Adam continues to lead by example, offering SEO website audits, ongoing consulting, and spearheading SEO strategy across various industries. His work emphasizes a client-centric approach, utilizing tools like GA4, Google Search Console, and SEMrush to drive meaningful insights and outcomes. Beyond technical proficiencies, Adam is deeply involved in building and managing service teams that address full-channel digital needs, from traffic generation to sales revenue, ensuring that businesses not only penetrate but also flourish in the Chinese digital landscape. His multidimensional skill set, including extensive use of advanced SEO tools and platforms, has positioned him as a primary contact for clients, further underlining his commitment to enhancing digital marketing practices internally and externally, while fostering growth and understanding across borders.

Allen Qu (still active in Baidu SEO)

Allen Qu’s journey in the Chinese SEO industry traces back to his return to Beijing from New Zealand between 2007 and 2008. From those early days, Allen quickly established himself as a pivotal figure in the field, notably contributing to SEMPO and imparting his knowledge at major internet media events across China like TimeV and Ad-Tech. His significant role extended to hosting the prestigious China SEO Awards, further cementing his status as a respected voice and influencer within China’s digital marketing community. His foundational work in SEO and online marketing laid the groundwork for his recognized position in the industry.

What does Allen do today?

As of today, Allen Qu stands as the Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Netconcepts China, leading the company since October 2008. Under his stewardship, Netconcepts China has evolved into a full-fledged digital marketing agency, delivering a wide array of services including SEO, SEM, e-commerce solutions, content marketing, mobile marketing, social media optimization, and online reputation management, catering to a global clientele. In addition to his corporate responsibilities, Allen is actively involved as a Beachheads Advisor for New Zealand Trade & Enterprise, a distinguished professor at Beihang University, and plays a key role in the YPO Beijing Chapter and the Global Cross-border E-Commerce Association. These roles underscore his enduring dedication to driving digital marketing innovation and excellence, both domestically and on an international scale.

Christina Xu (still active in Baidu SEO)

Christina Xu has been a pivotal figure in the realm of digital marketing with a strong focus on the Chinese market, leveraging her extensive experience since her time as Marketing Manager [Greater China] for TravelJigsaw/ in 2010. Here, she not only spearheaded business development and marketing campaigns but also took charge of SEO & SEM initiatives, laying a strong foundation for her expertise in the Chinese digital landscape. Her work at TravelJigsaw/ involved establishing key partnerships, maintaining relationships with significant partners, and executing SEO strategies that significantly contributed to the company’s growth within the Greater China Region.

What does Christina do today?

Currently, as the Founder and Director of China Marketing Corp since November 2017, Christina has successfully guided the agency to become a China specialist marketing firm, renowned for empowering brands to connect with Chinese netizens. China Marketing Corp is known for its deep local insights and industry-leading experience, providing a broad spectrum of digital marketing services, including SEA/PPC, Social Media Marketing, and E-commerce management. Additionally, Christina continues to contribute to the digital marketing community by hosting workshops, speaking at events like BrightonSEO, and actively promoting the use of platforms such as WeChat for businesses outside China. Her dedication to fostering understanding and navigating the complexities of the Chinese digital environment underscores her commitment to driving success for international brands in China.

Daniel Cai (still active in Baidu SEO)

Daniel Cai’s journey in the Baidu SEO industry and digital marketing in China is marked by his significant contributions to The Egg Company, where he has served as the General Manager for China since August 2010. Under his leadership, Cai has established the Shanghai office, effectively rebuilt and optimized the SEO team to enhance project efficiency, and initiated the creation of both paid search and social marketing teams from scratch. His hands-on approach in business development, project management for China clients, and cross-market project coordination with the Hong Kong office has been pivotal in expanding the company’s digital marketing footprint in China.

What does Daniel do today?

Currently, Daniel Cai oversees the daily operations of two “The Egg” offices in China, focusing on fostering a positive work environment, conducting team meetings, carrying out annual staff performance appraisals, and managing financial budgets. His role extends beyond internal management to client engagement, where he delivers digital marketing training sessions, evaluates service levels, and explores new business opportunities to ensure client satisfaction and business growth. His efforts in team building, annual team trips, and a commitment to exploring new business avenues highlight his dedication to both the team’s well-being and the company’s success in the dynamic digital marketing landscape of China.

Dan Taylor (still active in Baidu SEO)

Dan Taylor has emerged as a prominent voice in the world of search engine optimization, particularly in relation to Baidu SEO, where his contributions have been significant and widespread. With articles on both since 2018 and since 2022, Taylor has helped demystify the complexities of optimizing for China’s leading search engine. This work complements his role at, where, as Head of Technical SEO since August 2023, he has been instrumental in driving the agency’s technical SEO strategies forward. His expertise and insights into Baidu SEO practices have not only enriched the SEO community’s understanding of the Chinese digital landscape but have also underscored the global significance of adapting SEO strategies to diverse markets.

What does Dan do today?

Currently, Dan Taylor continues to lead’s technical SEO initiatives, leveraging his extensive experience to innovate and enhance their offerings. His leadership role involves developing cutting-edge strategies, overseeing their implementation, and nurturing talent within the agency to maintain its position as a leader in technical SEO. Taylor’s dedication to research and development, coupled with his active engagement in sharing knowledge through speaking engagements and writing, highlights his commitment to the evolution of SEO practices. His work not only benefits clients globally but also contributes to the ongoing education of the wider digital marketing community, making him a respected figure in both English and Chinese SEO spheres.

Gordon Choi

Gordon Choi’s multifaceted journey through the internet world is distinguished not only by his geographic mobility, from Hong Kong to South Africa, Mainland China, and the United Kingdom, but also by his deep engagement with digital marketing technologies. His initial foray into the digital realm via search engine marketing, specifically through PPC advertising on platforms like Yahoo and Google, laid the groundwork for his expertise. Further expanding his skill set, Gordon ventured into SEO and web data tracking, areas where he has excelled in optimizing performance tracking and leveraging data insights for campaign analysis. His comprehensive knowledge is encapsulated in his book, “The China Mobile SEO Book: Mobile Websites Optimized for Speed and Measured through Analytics,” marking him as a thought leader in the field.

What does Gordon do today?

Currently, Gordon Choi continues to contribute to the digital marketing and (Google) SEO community through his work at WatchPilot and his personal platform,, where he shares his insights on Shopify/WordPress development, SEO tools, and more. At WatchPilot, he played a pivotal role in developing and SEO-optimizing Shopify websites, showcasing his proficiency in creating systems for basic and customized SEO implementation across various page templates. His dedication to optimizing digital marketing strategies, combined with his ability to simplify complex internet technologies for a broader audience, underscores his ongoing influence in the field.

Hermes Ma (马骏)

Hermes Ma embarked on his marketing journey with a focus on the Greater China region at Meta4 Group in 2007, where he played a pivotal role in managing relationships with over 200 WorldFriends Networks Partners worldwide and spearheaded business development efforts across Greater China. His tenure at Meta4 Group saw him achieve significant milestones, including the acquisition of key partners and the optimization of web analytics, marketing strategies, and conversion funnels, laying a solid foundation for his expertise in the Chinese digital marketing landscape. Between 2016 and 2018 he established the SEO capabilities at Merkle China.

What is Hermes doing today?

Currently serving as the Sr. Director and Head of Performance Marketing for Greater China, Japan, and South Korea at Merkle since April 2020, Hermes Ma oversees a team of 40+ digital professionals across Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, and Nanjing. Under his leadership, Merkle has seen a remarkable year-on-year revenue growth of 47% in 2022, contributing significantly to the company’s business in China. His role involves managing a wide array of digital marketing strategies and solutions for Fortune 1000 clients, emphasizing his extensive experience and leadership in navigating the complexities of the Asian markets.

Inway Ni

Inway Ni - image from Linkedin

Inway Ni introduced Search Engine Strategies (SES) to China in 2006 and Search Marketing Expo (SMX) in 2007. Thus he played a pivotal role in bringing global SEO experts like Rand Fishkin, Bill Hunt, and Shakil Kahn to China. That was instrumental in bridging the gap between global and China-based SEO practices.

What does Inway do today?

According to his profile on Linkedin Inway is currently a partner at Longling Capital, VP of Xiamen Youjia Network Co., Ltd (a gaming business), president of Haixia Infotech (a local portal) and an event programmer at Xiamen Animation Festival.

Jinwei Dong

Dong Jinqwei - image from Linkedin

One of the first in China with hands-on product side SEO experience, Jinwei Dong stands out as a pivotal figure in China’s SEO and digital marketing sectors, with a notable history of driving innovation and strategy. Starting his journey at IBM, Dong managed B2B online business and adapted IBM’s e-commerce engine for China, laying a foundation for his deep digital market understanding.

What does Jinwei do today?

Currently, he is a partner at Bizmeme, focusing on management consulting for B2B businesses in brand and market management since December 2021, and simultaneously serves as Senior Marketing Director at Huawei Technology. There, he leads efforts in corporate marketing strategy and digitalization. Jinwei’s expertise and roles highlight his significant influence on China’s digital and SEO marketing, showcasing his ability to navigate and shape the digital marketing landscape.

He actively participated in the SEMPO China Chapter, part of The Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization (

Karl Gao (still active in Baidu SEO)

Karl Gao has been a pivotal figure in shaping the SEO industry in China through his foundational work with Searchnovo, a search engine marketing agency based in Shanghai. Founded in September 2014, Searchnovo represents Karl’s vision of innovating within the search engine realm (“Search” for search engine, and “Novo” for innovation), aiming to achieve remarkable search engine results through ingenuity. Searchnovo’s mission under Karl’s leadership has been to enhance brand visibility online across various search engines, including Baidu, Google, and others, offering a comprehensive suite of services such as website SEO, brand SERM (search engine reputation management), and PPC operation. This initiative has significantly contributed to the evolution and effectiveness of SEO practices tailored for the Chinese market, reinforcing Karl’s influence and expertise in the digital marketing landscape.

What does Karl do today?

Today, Karl Gao continues to drive innovation and growth in the SEO and digital marketing sector, not only in China but also internationally with the expansion of Searchnovo to Calgary, Canada, where he serves as General Manager of the Canadian branch. This expansion aims to better serve international clients in North China and grow the teams in both Guangzhou and Tianjin locations. Karl’s commitment to exploring new business opportunities, managing financial budgets, and ensuring the growth of SEO and SEA for China, along with Social Media Advertising, KOL Marketing, and E-Commerce Platform Management, demonstrates his ongoing dedication to the industry. His work remains at the forefront of digital marketing innovation, helping brands achieve significant online presence and success in China’s dynamic market.

Kun Tang (still active in Baidu SEO)

Kun Tang has played a pivotal role in bridging the gap between international brands and the Chinese digital landscape. Starting in 2009 at The Egg Company, Kun laid the groundwork for SEO consulting in China, swiftly generating significant annual revenue and expanding the team within just one and a half years. His achievements include securing deals with high-profile clients across various sectors and leading projects with a specialized team of web analysts, SEO engineers, and link-building specialists. His insightful contributions to the discourse on China’s SEO and web analytics have been widely recognized, establishing him as a respected voice in the industry.

What does Kun do today?

As the founder and Managing Director of Jademond Digital since September 2012, Kun Tang has seamlessly merged Chinese operational efficiency with German precision, reflecting his innovative and forward-thinking leadership style. Jademond Digital has rapidly evolved to offer a broad spectrum of digital marketing services, including Search Engine Advertising (SEA)/Pay-Per-Click (PPC) services, Social Media Marketing, and E-commerce management, specifically tailored to meet the unique demands of the Chinese market. This expansion, alongside his co-authorship of “SEO for China” with Marcus Pentzek in 2022, highlights Kun’s continued influence and commitment to elevating the field of Chinese SEO. Under his guidance, Jademond Digital has become a pivotal force in helping international brands penetrate and thrive in the dynamic Chinese digital ecosystem.

Marcus Pentzek (still active in Baidu SEO)

Marcus Pentzek’s journey in the Baidu SEO industry began 2011 with his work at Yoybuy Ltd in Beijing, where he tackled SEO for the company’s Chinese platforms. His return to Germany saw him leveraging his expertise and experience to assist German companies active in China through strategic and technical SEO services at UDG and Searchmetrics. While at Searchmetrics, Pentzek was instrumental in conducting the world’s first Baidu SEO Ranking Factors Correlation Study, setting a precedent for understanding SEO dynamics on Baidu. His collaboration with Jademond founder Kun Tang in 2020 to author the book “SEO for China” further cemented his status as a key figure in bridging SEO practices between China and the global market.

What does Marcus do today?

Currently serving as a Partner and Director SEO at Jademond Digital, Pentzek is focused on expanding the business’s presence in North China with a new office in Tianjin and enhancing its services in SEO, SEA, Social Media Advertising, KOL Marketing, and E-Commerce Platform Management. Under his leadership, Jademond Digital aims to grow its teams in Guangzhou and Tianjin and welcome new clients seeking to navigate and thrive in the Chinese digital landscape. His commitment to developing Baidu SEO skills and improving the quality of the team’s work continues to contribute significantly to the international and Chinese SEO industry.

Owain Lloyd-Williams (still active in Baidu SEO)

Owain Lloyd-Williams’ journey into the Baidu SEO and digital marketing realm began with his transition from an English literature background to a career deeply rooted in SEO during his tenure in China. This foundational experience not only honed his skills but also positioned him as a key player in bridging the gap between Western brands and the Chinese digital market. His contributions to the industry, particularly through his role in developing content and SEO strategies tailored for the Chinese audience, have left a lasting impact, demonstrating his expertise in navigating the complexities of China’s search landscape.

What Owain do today?

Today, Owain operates as a freelance SEO consultant through his company, Son of Jack Ltd, leveraging his extensive experience to provide strategic SEO consultancy and implementation services. Since 2020, he has been pivotal in driving organic growth for clients targeting the Chinese and Southeast Asian markets, among others. His work encompasses a broad spectrum of SEO activities, from overseeing rebrands and international SEO strategies for major forex brokers to generating insightful thought leadership content. Owain’s current endeavors highlight his ongoing commitment to excellence in the SEO field, with a particular focus on maximizing visibility and engagement within the dynamic and challenging international digital markets.

Qing He (still active in Baidu SEO)

Qing He’s journey in the digital marketing realm, specifically within the Baidu SEO industry, started at Jademond Digital, where he first joined as an SEO Specialist before ascending to the role of SEO & SEM Manager. Over the years, Qing He has honed his expertise in developing effective SEO strategies, optimizing site structures, and conducting thorough research on SERP strategies for Baidu and other search engines. His contributions have centered around establishing standard SEO optimization practices, investigating SEO-related issues, and integrating SEO with PPC to enhance overall marketing efficiency. His work has significantly impacted the approach towards search engine optimization in the APAC region, setting a benchmark for technical support in SEO and SEM services.

What does Qing do today?

As of 2020, Qing He holds the position of Head of Search at Jademond Digital, where he continues to lead the technical support for SEO & SEM services. His role involves managing a talented team of 15 SEO and SEA specialists, driving forward the company’s digital marketing strategies with a focus on data-driven results and technical excellence. Living in Guangzhou, China, and with a background in chemical engineering, Qing He combines his analytical skills with a passion for digital marketing. Outside of work, he is an avid gamer, showcasing his prowess in FPS games, and maintains a balanced life between professional achievements and personal interests.

Rocky Fu

Rocky Fu has established himself as a reputable figure in the domain of digital marketing with a particular emphasis on SEO and growth strategies within the Chinese market. His deep understanding of Chinese culture, language, and the SEO landscape has positioned him as a go-to expert for companies looking to navigate the complexities of China’s digital ecosystem. Over the years, Rocky has demonstrated a remarkable ability to drive growth and develop innovative marketing strategies, leveraging his skills across various platforms and industries to meet the dynamic needs of the digital world.

What does Rocky do today?

Currently, Rocky is leveraging his extensive experience in marketing and growth at ByteDance, where he has been instrumental in driving global brand and product marketing initiatives for the company’s cloud data platform since July 2021. Based in Singapore, he focuses on crafting and implementing Go-To-Market strategies, demand generation, and building strategic partnerships, employing a data-driven approach to optimize marketing performance. Beyond his role at ByteDance, Rocky’s about page reveals his passion for creating sustainable growth models for tech companies, showcasing his expertise in building high-performing marketing teams and implementing effective Go-To-Market strategies that contribute to the success of both public-listed companies and startups.

Ryan Chooai (still active in Baidu SEO?)

Since co-founding SEO Shifu in 2010, Ryan Chooai has steered the company to its status as a distinguished full-service digital marketing agency focused on the Chinese market. His experience at China Mobile as Online Marketing Director revealed the difficulties international businesses face in China, prompting him to offer targeted, cost-effective online marketing solutions. Under Ryan’s leadership, SEO Shifu has empowered over 250 international companies to successfully penetrate and thrive within the competitive Chinese digital space.

Renowned for his expertise in search engine marketing, Ryan has earned accolades from industry peers and clients for his exceptional skill in online reputation management and deep understanding of Baidu. His ability to swiftly counteract malicious online attacks against clients, combined with his proactive communication and affable nature, makes working with him both effective and enjoyable. Ryan’s guidance has been pivotal for businesses seeking to navigate and excel in China’s complex digital marketing landscape.

Simon Lesser (still active in Baidu SEO)

Simon Lesser’s entry into the Baidu SEO industry began with his role as a Project Manager at The Egg Company in Hong Kong, where he gained valuable experience in search engine optimization tailored for the Chinese market. His education in Mandarin Chinese at Tsinghua University further solidified his understanding of the Chinese digital landscape, enabling him to navigate and excel within this unique environment. This combination of linguistic skill and SEO expertise laid the foundation for his significant contributions to the Baidu SEO industry.

What does Simon do today?

Today, Simon serves as the Co-founder and CEO of Dragon Metrics, a role he has held since November 2012. Based in New York and Hong Kong, Dragon Metrics is a testament to Simon’s deep understanding of SEO and his commitment to bridging the gap between Western and Chinese digital marketing strategies. Under his leadership, Dragon Metrics has emerged as a leading SEO platform, offering comprehensive tools and insights tailored to the complexities of search engine optimization in both the global and Chinese contexts. Simon’s vision and dedication continue to drive innovation in the SEO industry, making Dragon Metrics an indispensable resource for businesses looking to expand their online presence in China and beyond.

Stephanie Qian (still active in Baidu SEO)

Stephanie Qian’s journey in the digital marketing field, especially in SEO and SEM, showcases her extensive experience and expertise across major search engines like Google and Baidu. Her background reveals a profound understanding of digital marketing dynamics, including SEO, SEM, SMO, WOM, and EDM. With practical experience in PPC mechanisms and platforms such as Google AdWords and Baidu PPC Phoenix Nest, she has honed her skills in web tracking and analytics, employing tools like Google Analytics, Omniture, and Baidu. Her roles at notable companies highlight her strong project management capabilities and deep familiarity with the intricacies of search engine optimization techniques.

What does Stephanie do today?

Currently, Stephanie serves as the Head of Search at The Egg Company in Shanghai City, China, a position she has held since February 2019. In this role, she leverages her rich background and skills in SEO and SEM to drive successful strategies and campaigns. Her leadership at The Egg Company demonstrates her ongoing commitment to excellence in digital marketing, contributing significantly to the industry’s evolution. Stephanie’s ability to work effectively in English environments and her quick learning capability further enhance her role, making her a valuable asset to her team and clients alike. Her career reflects a blend of technical proficiency and strategic foresight in digital marketing, underscoring her role as an influential figure in the field.

Sylvain Sipp

Sylvain Sipp’s journey in the SEO industry began with his early involvement in SEO campaigns for startup brands operating in Western and Asian markets at THEM, a China-based digital agency later acquired by altima°, where he played a pivotal role in establishing the SEO department. Sylvain’s expertise not only spans across on-page and off-page SEO pillars but also extends into digital analytics, making him a well-rounded senior SEO professional. His work has significantly impacted various sectors, developing and activating comprehensive SEO strategies that have propelled brands to new heights in the digital realm.

What does Sylvain do today?

Currently, as a Senior Consultant and Project Manager, Sylvain continues to leverage his extensive experience to support various brands and agencies in developing their online activities. Whether working as an External Consultant or an Internal Project Manager, his contributions to the digital marketing field persist. Based in France, near the borders with Germany and Switzerland, Sylvain’s international work experience and functional expertise in areas like audit, keyword research, content and link-building strategies, and SEO performance analysis remain invaluable to organizations seeking to optimize their online presence.

Tait Lawton (still active in Baidu SEO)

Tait Lawton has carved a notable niche in the Baidu SEO and Chinese digital marketing industries, showcasing a deep understanding of the complexities and nuances that define this space. From his early entrepreneurial endeavors, Tait demonstrated a keen interest in bridging the gap between China and the rest of the world, especially through digital channels. His founding of Nanjing Marketing Group in 2008 marked a significant step towards this goal, offering specialized marketing services that cater to the unique demands of the Chinese digital ecosystem. Tait’s expertise in SEO, particularly in optimizing for Baidu, has been instrumental in helping businesses gain visibility and traction within China’s highly competitive online market.

What does Tait do today?

Under Tait’s leadership, Nanjing Marketing Group continues to thrive with operations in both Nanjing, China, and Canada, serving a global clientele looking to penetrate the Chinese market. The company’s success is a testament to Tait’s visionary approach and his ability to stay ahead of digital marketing trends in China. Beyond his role at Nanjing Marketing Group, Tait has embraced the digital era’s content creation wave, producing video content that bridges cultures. On platforms like TikTok and LinkedIn, he creates content in English, focusing on explaining modern Chinese culture to Western audiences. Simultaneously, on Douyin and Little Red Book, he engages with Chinese viewers by sharing insights into Western culture and practices. This dual approach not only amplifies his expertise in digital marketing but also highlights his passion for fostering cross-cultural understanding in an increasingly interconnected world.

T.R. Harrington

T.R. Harrington image form Linkedin

T. R. Harrington is a significant figure in the Chinese SEO industry, having co-founded Darwin Marketing in late 2005. Under his leadership, the company became a beacon for data-driven, measurable ROI from SEO strategies within China, serving over 200 clients and building a team of more than 70 professionals. Harrington and his team have conducted hundreds of SEO tests with Baidu, contributing immensely to the knowledge base and evolving strategies in the Chinese SEO landscape. Darwin Marketing’s commitment to sharing insights has made its blog a valuable resource for SEO knowledge in Simplified Chinese.

What does T.R. Harrington do today?

Currently, T. R. Harrington serves as a Partner & Growth Director at Orbit Startups, a role he has held since July 2019. Orbit Startups, part of SOSV—a global VC firm with over US$1.3 billion in AUM—focuses on supporting startups in fast-growing markets across Southeast and South Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and the Americas. Harrington’s expertise in lead generation, e-commerce, social media, and SEO, among other areas, is instrumental in guiding startups through their growth phases. His current work reflects a broadened focus, applying his deep understanding of digital marketing and SEO on a global scale, fostering innovation, and nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Veronique Duong (still active in Baidu SEO)

Veronique Duong is a leading figure in the world of SEO, especially known for her expertise in Baidu and international search engines like Google, Naver, Yandex, and Yahoo! Japan. Since December 2020, she has been the President of RANKWELL, an international search agency based in Paris and Dubai, specializing in web optimization for a global audience. Through her work, Duong has played a pivotal role in expanding the reach of Baidu’s advertising solutions in France, and she has been instrumental in developing comprehensive local, national, and international search strategies for numerous high-profile clients, including Richemont and Hermès. Her multilingual SEO expertise has significantly influenced the industry, positioning her as a central figure in the cross-cultural adaptation of SEO strategies.

What does Veronique do today?

Today, Veronique Duong continues to lead RANKWELL, guiding the agency’s strategic direction, managing production and R&D teams, and fostering the development of local and international search strategies. In addition to her role at RANKWELL, Duong actively contributes to the SEO community as a certified SEO trainer, sharing her knowledge on Google and Baidu optimization techniques. She remains a dedicated ambassador for Baidu in France, promoting its advertising solutions and supporting French and European brands in navigating the Asian digital landscape. Her commitment to SEO education is evident in her work as a teacher and speaker, where she continues to influence the next generation of SEO professionals.

Xu Yang / Michael Xu

Xu Yang (Michael Xu) has significantly impacted the Chinese SEO industry as a co-founding chair of the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO) China. Through this role, he facilitated the creation and global distribution of key research materials on SEO, SEM, and Social Media, in collaboration with Baidu. His efforts have been central to elevating the SEO and SEM practices in China, making him a pivotal figure in the region’s digital marketing evolution.

What does Michael do today?

Currently, Michael Xu serves as the co-president of Gridsum and the International Ambassador of SEMPO. His work focuses on promoting professional development within SEMPO’s global community and advancing digital marketing trends. At Gridsum since 2008, Xu’s commitment to the growth of search engine marketing extends beyond China, aiming to foster a dynamic and innovative international digital marketing ecosystem.

Zac (still active in Baidu SEO for Chinese clients)

Zac, also known as SEO Zac or by his Chinese name 昝辉Zac著, has significantly influenced the SEO landscape in China. His early discussions on SEO in China with figures like Matt Cutts in 2006 / 2007 highlight his longstanding commitment and pivotal role in shaping the SEO industry within the region. His notable contribution to the field includes the publication of “SEO实战密码-60天网站流量提高20倍-第3版” (Practical codes of SEO) around 2009, a book that has been revered by many Chinese SEO professionals as a kind of Bible for SEO.

What is Zac doing today?

Currently based in Singapore, his career spans over two decades. Zac’s expertise is in SEO consulting, primarily serving Chinese clients. His background, from engineering to filmmaking, adds a unique dimension to his approach in SEO, blending technical proficiency with creative insight. Zac’s ongoing consulting work underscores his dedication to advancing SEO practices, particularly in bridging the gap between East and West digital marketing strategies.

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