Baidu SEO Book 2022

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It’s done – the new book is published. We’ve been planning and rescheduling, writing and rewriting for some time. And it’s wonderful to see it published and to see so many nice people saying such nice things about the book.

SEO for China Book - Understanding Search Engine Optimization for Baidu & Co. One much underestimated Online Marketing Channel in China
The SEO for China book by Kun Tang (Jademond) and Marcus Pentzek (Searchmetrics)

Why writing a Baidu SEO Book?

When searching on Amazon, it is not easy to find good books about SEO for China. In fact, there are only two English books on this topic. Other Baidu SEO books that could be found are in Chinese.

So if you want to learn more about SEO for China, you have to do your own research. There are many blogs that come up when you use Google to find information about Baidu, SEO in China, and SEO for Baidu in particular.

But it’s kind of shameful for the SEO industry to repeat oft-heard myths about these topics over and over again. It looks like SEO bloggers are simply copying from each other because they lack practical experience.

And even some Chinese online marketing agencies, who should actually have the experience and language skills to look up information in Chinese about SEO for Baidu (yes, there are Baidu webmaster blogs, just like there are Google webmaster blogs – with first-hand insights – e.g. that meta keywords are disregarded by Baidu – for years!), repeat common Baidu SEO myths like the meta keywords myth.

After Marcus asked Jademond for assistance with his first Baidu SEO Myth Busting post for the Searchmetrics blog (, Marcus was still working for UDG United Digital Group at the time, and Kun helped with some native Chinese research on the myths Marcus wanted to debunk.

The next big step toward a book on the topic with practical experience was Marcus’ Baidu SEO Ranking Factors Correlation Study, which he conducted with Searchmetrics ( This was the first data-driven study to look at possible Baidu ranking factors.

This study was a huge success – but it was all data.

The SEO world needed a combined approach of data and hands-on experience from an agency that works with Baidu SEO every day for its clients.

The idea for the book was born.

What can you find in this China SEO book?

The book provides you with a thorough introduction to the Chinese SEO landscape.

  • How do Chinese people use the internet?
  • Which Social apps exist?
  • How do websites look like?
  • Which are the search engines are important? (Spoiler: No#1 is Baidu)
  • How do the SERPs look like?
  • How does SEO work in China?
  • What does a Baidu SEO need to pay attention to?
  • Which is the best International SEO domain setup if it comes to SEO for Baidu?

Best of all – the information you’ll find in this book is based on experience and backed up with data.

What was the reaction to the book when it was announced on LinkedIn?

We were absolutely stunned to see how positively people responded to the new book. Marcus provided us with some screenshots of the comments on his post – so we can also see how many people actually saw it: 15,800 people saw the post, 235 people gave it a thumbs up, clapped their hands or gave it a heart, and 82 comments were made.

Marcus' LinkedIn post on SEO for China book
Further reactions to Marcus' LinkedIn post on the new Baidu SEO book

We had not expected so much attention.

Where can you buy the book?

Here are the links to the different Amazon websites, where you can buy the book. If your country is not listed, go to your Amazon website and simply search for “SEO for China” and it will show up 😉

Some information on the book:

Authors: Kun Tang, Marcus Pentzek
Publisher: Independently published (July 10, 2022)
Language: English
Paperback: 282 pages
ISBN-13: 979-8840196434
Book Weight: 1.08 pounds (490 g)
Dimensions: 6 x 0.64 x 9 inches (15.24 x 1.63 x 22.86 cm)

Kun has 10 years digital marketing experiences in Europe and China. His expertise includes SEO, Social Media, PPC and mobile marketing. He manages the strategy and business development of Jademond Digital. Pior to Jademond, he played provital roles in search marketing agency in Hong Kong, mobile marketing agencies in China and online video portal in Europe.

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