Chinese New Year Doodles of Baidu & Co 2024

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Chinese New Year Doodles 2024

As the Lunar New Year 2024 – the Year of the Dragon – unfolds, a fascinating divergence in celebration themes emerges across Asian search engines, reflecting the rich tapestry of cultural values and symbols.

baidu chinese new year 2024 doodle

Baidu and Qihoo, two of China’s leading search platforms, embraced the Year of the Dragon with vibrant Doodles that spotlight this mythical creature, a beacon of power, prosperity, and good fortune in Chinese lore. These illustrations capture the essence of the Chinese New Year, weaving in the dragon’s legendary symbolism with artistic flair.

Baidu’s SERP after clicking the doodle – showing the SERP for the keyword “春晚” (the Spring Festival evening party):

baidu serp for chinese new year eves celebration

Qihoo’s CNY doodle also looks nice, …

but strangely the SERP triggered is not related to the Spring Festival at all – but to some AI service (keyword is “AI有画说” meaning “AI has a picture to say”):

On the other hand, Korean search engines Naver and Daum chose a more intimate route, highlighting the significance of family reunions / traveling home during the Lunar New Year.

Their themes focus on togetherness and the joy of familial gatherings, resonating deeply with the Korean ethos of kinship and communal celebration during this auspicious period.

Chinese New Year Doodles 2023

This Chinese New Year, the Doodle gods have blessed us with a special Doodle to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit. To mark this occasion, Baidu, Qihoo and Google have unveiled stunning Doodle designs that capture the spirit of Chinese New Year. In this blog post, we will look at each of these creative masterpieces.

Interestingly, other major platforms like Google HK, Sogou, and Yahoo Japan opted out of marking the festival with special logos, presenting a stark contrast to the festively adorned interfaces of their counterparts. This varied approach to celebrating the Lunar New Year showcases the diverse ways in which cultural heritage and modern digital expression converge, offering a window into the differing priorities and cultural highlights of each region as they usher in a new year of hope, prosperity, and unity.


Chinese New Year Baidu Doodle 2023 for the year of the Rabbit

After clicking on the Baidu Doodle, we’ll get to this amazing Search Engine Result Page (SERP):

Baidu SEP for the keyword “春节” (Chūnjié = Spring Festival)

For those looking for an even bigger visual feast, Qihoo has gone one step further and not only created a Doodle but also a full page dedicated to the celebration of Chinese New Year. Their Doodle features a beloved rabbit, surrounded by beautiful paintings and symbols that represent the joy and good wishes of the season and a Chinese Lion. The bottom is “decorated” by payed advertisment.

Qihoo / 360 /

After clicking on the doodle, we get to see this wonderful SERP (with an full screen advertisement overlay):

Search Engines Result page for the keyword “360心愿社” (360 Xīnyuàn shè = ) after clicking on the Doodle

Google Hong Kong

Hong Kong Google Doodle for Chinese New Year 2023

After clicking on the doodle, we get to see this SERP with animated fireworks, which ends in the image of rabbit, which you can see in this screenshot:

Google SERP for the keyword “Lunar New Year”

The full video can be seen here on Youtube:

We wish every Jademond client and every vsitor if this page a Happy Chinese New Year of the Rabbit 2023.

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