Baidu Structured Data Submission to Generate Rich Snippet

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Baidu Webmaster Tools launched Structured Data Submission feature, the counterpart of Baidu in July 2013, which means to improve the user experience by offering rich snippet on Baidu SERP for websites that offer online data represented in ways other than HTML pages. The first 4 badge of data that it supports are Q&A, online document, software download and document download, as of the four forms of data are difficult to get good search engine presence due to their Search Engine unfriendly attributes like dynamic URL, no basic SEO tagging, not indexable by search engine, etc., and it is definitely a win-win for both Baidu and websites to have the feature.
Baidu Schema Plugin for Discuz!
Another reason that Baidu Schema chose the data forms of Q&A, online documents and downloads is that these kind of data are the major forms of widespread Chinese web forum or BBS. Because most of these BBS/forum are created on the popular Discuz!, which itself is good with social engagement and free, but not search engine friendly, Baidu Webmaster Tools released a plugin for generating sitemap for forum/BBS created on Discuz! to improve its influence on China socialsephere. You can download the plugin from Discuz! Site.
Baidu Schema Plugin for WordPress and other CMS
Other popular social CMS provider including Dede, PHPwind and WordPress are the next target Baidu Schema is looking to support. In Apr. 2014, Baidu Schema released plugin for WordPress, which can be downloaded on Baidu Webmaster Tools site. We’ll keep an eye on the plugin update for other CMS.
Benefits of Baidu Schema: How Baidu Rich Snippet looks like and improves user experiences?
Besides the usual title, meta description, there will be additional SEO attributes that will appear on the Baidu SERP if you has submitted Structured Data of your site to Baidu.

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