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The debate between the efficacy of .CN versus .COM domains persists, fueled by myriad claims from self-proclaimed experts repeating the same narrative, that “Baidu prefers .cn domains”. Ancient Chinese wisdom reminds us of the value of humility and the folly of presumption—teachings that seem especially pertinent when confronting the complexities of search engine algorithms. No […]

Diving into SEO for China, particularly SEO for Baidu, requires a unique approach due to its distinct internet landscape. This guide isn’t a tutorial but a signpost, pointing you towards key resources and sites essential for mastering Baidu SEO. It’s designed to evolve, incorporating new insights and tools as they emerge. Here, you’ll find a […]

(First published October 2023, Last Updated: February 2024) Welcome to the world of Baidu, China’s leading search engine with over 550 million active users. If you want your website to be visible and searchable in the Chinese market, having a Baidu Webmaster Tools account is crucial. It is the equivalent to your Google Search Console […]

Baidu, as the leading web search engine in China, presents a unique landscape shaped by cultural, linguistic, and regulatory factors. This article will shed light on how Baidu deals with non-Chinese content and what that could mean for your Baidu SEO strategy. 2012: Baidu’s Earlier Approach to International Content A decade ago, Baidu’s approach to […]

The role of Social Signals remains a topic of hot debate among digital marketers and SEO enthusiasts. While the consensus leans towards the insignificance of Facebook likes and shares in influencing SEO, there’s a growing curiosity about the impact of links embedded in social media posts, particularly when these originate from accounts with high external […]

When we talk about the giants of the search engine world, two names invariably dominate the conversation: Google and Baidu. It’s like comparing apples and oranges, really. On one hand, Google, with its sprawling, global reach, is a household name almost everywhere. On the other, Baidu reigns supreme in China, a market so distinct and […]

Language is not just a medium of communication but a pivotal tool in International SEO (iSEO), particularly when it comes to navigating the unique digital landscape of China. Baidu, the predominant search engine in the country, stands apart from its global counterparts by tailoring its services specifically for the Mandarin-speaking audience of mainland China. This […]

In the vast expanse of the internet, each country puts its own unique stamp on web addresses with what we call Top-Level Domains (TLDs). You’ve probably seen Germany’s .de or Great Britain’s, and even in the USA, we’ve got .us (although most folks there prefer the familiar .com). Now, let’s shift our digital compass […]

When was the last time you tried explaining your job to someone and received a confused stare in return? For me, it was this week. Picture this: A casual conversation with another dad at school, a simple question floated—“What do you do for a living?” “I work in SEO,” I responded instinctively, only to be […]

SEO practitioners working on SEO for Baidu often use tactics and principles based on their experience with SEO for Google peppered with opinions and simply watching search engine results. This Baidu Ranking Factors Correlation Study is my contribution to filling some of those gaps in factual, SEO ranking factor data. Marcus Pentzek, Director SEO, Jademond […]