Dashboard of the Baidu Webmaster Tools

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As the gateway to optimizing your online presence in the world’s largest internet market, the Baidu Webmaster Tools (Baidu Ziyuan) offer an indispensable resource for businesses looking to thrive. Our upcoming series aims to demystify the capabilities and functionalities of Baidu Webmaster Tools, tailored specifically for an international audience.

introduction to the baidu webmaster tools dashboard

Kicking off with the dashboard (站点信息), we’ll guide you through each segment, ensuring you grasp the essentials to navigate and leverage this platform effectively.

Join us as we unveil the keys to unlocking your digital potential in China, starting with a comprehensive look at the dashboard—a snapshot of your website’s performance at a glance. This is your first step towards mastering Baidu SEO and fully embracing the opportunities within the Chinese digital market.

Usually you should start off at the Dashboard page, just in case you are not, you will need to click the first link in the lest sidebar labeled “站点信息”: URL: https://ziyuan.baidu.com/dashboard/

Navigation point to click

click the baidu webmaster tools dashboard button.

Baidu Webmaster Tools Dashboard (站点信息)

The following is how a typical Baidu Webmaster Tools Dashboard for a domain may look like:

baidu webmaster tools dashboard

Let’s go through this Baidu Webmaster Tools Dashboard section by section:

News (重要消息)

baidu webmaster tools dashboard news section

In the top of dashboard Baidu would inform the webmaster of any news they have to report (see screenshot above).

Core Data (核心数据)

Traffic and Keywords (流量与关键词)

baidu webmaster tools dashboard search analysis keywords and traffic

This module shows the Impressions of the website in the (Desktop/PC) Baidu SERPs (the right number) and how many clicks they received today(!).

Below are the keywords that either received the most clicks or impressions (if no clicks were received). The keywords in the above screenshot are fake keywords, as we do not intend to expose the website this Baidu Webmaster Tools account belongs to.

Indexed Pages (索引量)

baidu webmaster tools dashboard indexed pages

This module (right to the “Traffic and Keywords” module) shows the number of pages indexed by Baidu (last 4 data points).

Crawling (网页抓取)

Link Submission (链接提交)

baidu webmaster tools dashboard link submission

This chart shows how the last URLs were submitted to Baidu:

  • Active push (主动推送)
  • Automatic push (自动推送)
  • XML-Sitemap
  • Manual submission (手动提交)

Mobile Adaption (移动适配)

baidu webmaster tools dashboard mobile adaption

This module is one that most websites today will see only empty. It is about the status of submitted alternate mobile pages.

Crawl Frequency (抓取频次)

baidu webmaster tools dashboard crawl frequency

This module shows the crawl frequency of Baidu bot in the last 7 days.

Crawl Errors (抓取异常)

baidu webmaster tools dashboard crawl errors and anamolies

The first row shows the Website Anamolies (网站异常)

  • DNS error (DNS错误)
  • Connection Timed Out (连接超时)
  • Connection Error (连接错误)
  • Crawl Timeout (抓取超时)

The first row shows the Abnormal URL Status Codes found (网址异常):

  • Server Error – 5XX (服务器错误)
  • Page Not Found – 404 (找不到页面)
  • Access Denied – 403 (访问被拒绝)
  • Other Errors (其他错误)

From each of the above Dashboard modules, the webmaster can jump into more detailed report pages.

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