Baidu – What is 百度?

Baidu, founded in 2000 by Robin Li and Eric Xu, is a leading Chinese multinational technology company. Specializing in Internet-related services, artificial intelligence, and technology, Baidu holds the distinction of being one of the largest AI and internet companies in the world. Often referred to as the “Google of China,” it primarily offers services in Chinese-language search capabilities.

Baidu History

Key Milestones in Baidu’s journey include its IPO on NASDAQ in 2005, the launch of Baidu Baike in 2006, and the introduction of its autonomous driving platform, Baidu Apollo, in 2017. These milestones reflect Baidu’s evolution from a search engine to a diversified technology giant.

Baidu products

Baidu Search

Web search is the world’s largest Chinese search engine.

Baidu search
Baidu Search results page for “电脑” (computer)

Baidu is the main entrance for users to obtain information. With the development of the mobile Internet, Baidu web search has completed the transformation from PC to mobile, from connecters and information to connect people and services. Users can access Baidu’s homepage on PC, Pad and mobile phones, and interact with a variety of parties through text, voice and images. Instantly find the information and services you need.

Baidu (App)

Baidu App is a mobile “search + information” client for smartphones with 700 million users. It combines search functions and intelligent information recommendation, and relies on Baidu web pages, Baidu pictures, Baidu news, Baidu know, Baidu encyclopedia, Baidu maps, Baidu music, Baidu videos and other professional vertical channels such as “search for anything to do. “It’s okay to have a look” to provide users with more rich and practical functions and services.

Baidu Ditu (Baidu Map)

Baidu Map is a platform that provides users with travel-related services including intelligent route planning, intelligent navigation, real-time road conditions, etc. As a “new generation of artificial intelligence map”, Baidu Map realizes the whole process of voice interaction coverage of user control, and launches AR step guide, AR tour guide and other practical functions.

baidu ditu maps
Baidu Ditu / Maps

Baidu Nuomi

Baidu Nuomi brings together food, movies, hotels, leisure and entertainment, travel, home services and many other products related to life services, and has access to Baidu takeaway, where to go resources, one-stop solution to all the problems related to food, drink and fun, and gradually improve the ecological layout of Baidu Nuomi O2O.

Baidu nuomi
Baidu Nuomi

Baidu Tieba (Baidu Posting Bar)

Baidu Tieba is the world’s largest Chinese community. Baidu Posting is a keyword-based topic exchange community, which is closely integrated with search, accurately grasp the needs of users, and build a unique “interest theme” interactive platform. The posting directory covers all aspects of society, region, life, education, entertainment stars, games, sports, business, etc. It is currently the world’s largest Chinese communication platform.

baidu tieba
Baidu Tieba

Baidu Baike (Baidu Encyclopedia)

Baidu Baike is like the Chinese version of Wikipedia, an open and free online encyclopedia platform, aiming to create a Chinese information collection platform covering all fields of knowledge. Baidu emphasizes the participation and dedication of users, fully mobilizes the power of Internet users, brings together the wisdom of hundreds of millions of users, and actively communicates and shares.

Baidu Baike encyclopedia
Baidu Baike Encyclopedia (Chinese Wikipedia)

Baidu Zhidao (Baidu Know)

Baidu Zhidao, the interactive knowledge Q&A platform of Baidu (like Quora), is also the world’s largest Chinese Q&A platform. The majority of users ask questions on Baidu Knowing according to their actual needs, and they immediately get online answers from hundreds of millions of users.

Baidu Zhidao

Baidu Wenku (Baidu Library)

Baidu Wenku is a knowledge platform published by Baidu for online document sharing, and is the largest open platform for Internet learning. Baidu Library users can upload, read and download documents online on this platform.

Baidu Wench

Baidu Jiankang (Baidu Health)

Baidu Jiankang is one of the most important pendants in Baidu’s mobile ecosystem. It is a one-stop health management platform incubated and built by Baidu itself, uniting top medical resources to build five systems of health knowledge services, online medical consultation services, health mall services, chronic disease management services and Internet hospital services, allowing users to conveniently access reliable health knowledge and quality health services.

Baidu Jiankang (Health)

As of August 2021, Baidu Health has collected 500 million pieces of authoritative scientific content, attracted more than 300,000 professional doctors and provided online medical consultation services more than 2 million times a day.

Baidu Haokan (Baidu Short Videos)

With exclusive short video content sources, the Haowei video platform is a professional short video aggregation platform with categories covering a full range of quality video content such as funny, music, film and television, entertainment, games, life, skits, military, cars, news and so on.

Baidu Haokan Short Videos

Hundreds of thousands of video creators provide a full range of video content to 700 million Baidu ecological users through Good Watch Video, which is watched billions of times every day.

Baidu Hulianwang / Xiaodu

Baidu is the pioneer of conversational artificial intelligence in China. From the release of ‘Duo Secret’ in Baidu World in 2015, to the release of DuerOS and extensive cooperation with hardware partners in 2017, to the release of a series of Xiaodu intelligent hardware products in 2018, the integrated AI ecology of software and hardware under Baidu has been formed.

Xiaodu Smart Speakers from Baidu

Xiaodu currently covers Xiaodu series of smart hardware, Xiaodu assistant software services (built into third-party partners’ hardware and cell phone APPs), and Xiaodu conversational AI operating system.

Xiaodu Car OS (小度车载OS)

The complete AI Telematics solution for mass production has three major features: complete, multi-mode and open, including five major components: large-screen intelligent car computer, LCD instrument panel, streaming intelligent rearview mirror, Xiaodu car robot and AR-HUD intelligent windshield, providing users with excellent in-car interaction experience.

Baidu’s AI robot “Xiaodu In-Car OS” installed in Kia Motors’ Sportage SUV. (Photo Hyundai Motor Group)

Baidu Apollo Enterprise

Baidu Apollo Enterprise provides mass production, customized and safe autonomous driving and connected vehicle solutions for automotive companies, suppliers and travel service providers to accelerate the realization of intelligence, network connectivity and sharing. It includes five comprehensive solutions: Xiaodu car OS, high-speed scenario autonomous driving, autonomous parking (Valet Parking), minibus autonomous driving, and map data service platform.

And many more

Baidu’s Technology and Innovation

Baidu is at the forefront of AI and Machine Learning innovation in China. It integrates these technologies across its products for enhanced user experiences. The Baidu Smart Cloud offers cloud computing services, powering both its internal operations and external client solutions.

Baidu Business Services

  • Search Promotion: Baidu provides targeted advertising services linked to its search engine, similar to Google AdWords.
  • In-feed Ads: These are advertisements integrated into the content feed on Baidu platforms, offering a seamless advertising experience.
  • Brand Marketing Solutions: Baidu offers diverse marketing solutions, helping brands to enhance their visibility and engagement with Chinese consumers.
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