Chinese Translation or Mandarin Transcreation?

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When it comes to localizing your website’s content from English or any other language into Chinese, you have a variety of options. Each of these solutions comes with its own price tag – and recently, the advent of Generative AI technology such as chatGPT has opened up entirely new possibilities. In this article, we’ll be reviewing the different options available, presenting our findings alongside comments from a native Chinese speaker. Get ready for an insightful journey through the world of website translation!

Chinese localization - translate or transcreate
Chinese Translation if often not fitting, uses inappropriate words or phrases or logic and is not very engaging. Transcreation is the solution.

We have made the experiment. We created an English website introduction text for our new Chinese homepage. Of course, English is the wrong language, so we wanted it to be “localized” and we used a range of different options from human translation over automatic translation over the usage of AIs and of course trans-creation, which is considered the queen of localization of text. Now let’s together find out which method did how well. Now let’s take a look at the different options available and hear what a native Chinese speaker has to say about them.

Let us start by introducing you to our English original copy, written by a copywriter we specifically hired to create engaging English copy. It is full of imagery language, that might be hard to translate.

Immerse yourself in the wonders of digital marketing with Jademond Digital. Take a journey to the heart of China and discover an unprecedented world of possibilities! With our expertise and guidance, you can break through language barriers, cultural canyons, and geographic boundaries - rising to the pinnacle of search engine success. Our team will assist you in creating content that captivates Chinese users; taking them on an enchanting voyage into your brand and products. Harness SEO, SEA / PPC, Ads, Social Media, E-commerce management, and Display Advertising for maximum benefit. Let us open a door into the realm of digital marketing so you can stand tall in a new world of opportunities! Unlock the secrets of success with Jademond Digital.

We used different translation services (Google, Bing, Baidu, Deepl) and native Chinese human translators, and we used not only traditional translation techniques but also turned to trans-creation as a more superior text-localization technique.

What is Trans-Creation of text content?
To ensure that content translations from Western languages to Chinese are accurate and effective, transcreation is more often being used rather than translation. By breaking down the original content into its key message, and providing clear instructions for a native Chinese author on the style of the new text they need to create, this process creates an entirely new text with a powerful message and tone. Transcreation eliminates any issues caused by translation errors or awkward sentences that don't make sense in the target language. Therefore, transcreation is much more reliable when it comes to accurately conveying your intended meaning and ensuring it is appropriate for the Chinese audience.

Next, we took the Chinese texts and put them through their paces. Each of them was labeled with a randomly assigned English first name, so that it didn’t become obvious which tool or person had created the copy. We then distributed these 13 texts to 5 different Chinese native speakers who rated each one’s quality without knowing the original source. The aim was to determine which of these Chinese translations had the best quality.

We told our quality raters, that we had written 13 pieces of introductory copy for the home page of our new Chinese company website. We did not tell them, that they are based on an English text and we did not tell them, that some are automatically translated or trans-created and others were done by human. We asked them to rate the copy according to the following criteria, each with a score range of 1-100 (rounded), the criteria are:

  • 1. Fluency
  • 2. Attractiveness / Interactivity
  • 3. Relevance (to the audience)
  • 4. Accuracy of wording
  • 5. Personal recommendation

The values were collected and averaged among all quality raters and then we calculated a final score for each document by taking the different values into consideration with these weights:

  • – Fluency – 20%
  • – Attractiveness / Interactivity – 30%
  • – Relevance (to the audience) – 10%
  • – Accuracy of wording – 20%
  • – Personal recommendation – 20%

The Chinese text versions (Translated or Trans-Created)

Maybe you would like to guess who write which text? Let us present you the texts in the same order and only with the randomly given English given names, but added with our Chinese quality rater’s comments and ratings:


与Jademond Digital一起,沉浸在数字营销的奇迹中。踏上至中国数字营销的心灵之旅,去探索那前所未有的无限可能!凭借我们的专业知识和指导,您可以突破语言障碍、文化差异以及地理界限,登上搜索引擎的最高之巅。


让我们一起步入数字营销的大门,在充满机遇的新世界中不断求索,与Jademond Digital一起解锁成功的秘诀!


  • – What do we do and what can we offer are clearly stated.
  • – The text is fluent and relevant, but not localized as expected for the Chinese market.
  • – Word choice in some places is inappropriate and too colloquial.
  • – Expression of content is repetitive and mechanical, with a lack of clarity between the three paragraphs.
  • – The slogan is not as attractive or professional as expected from a marketing company.
  • – Some details in the article are ambiguous and need further clarification.


  • – Fluency: 75
  • – Attractiveness / Interactivity: 66
  • – Relevance (to the audience): 78
  • – Accuracy of wording: 74
  • – Personal recommendation: 64

Summarized-Rating: 70


欢迎加入Jademond Digital,一起探索数字营销的奇迹!我们将带领您来到中国的心脏地带,发现前所未有的无限可能!通过我们的专业知识和指导,您可以打破语言、文化和地理上的障碍,成功攀登搜索引擎的顶峰。我们的团队将帮助您创作吸引中国用户的内容,引领他们进入您的品牌和产品的迷人旅程。我们将利用SEO、SEM/PPC、广告、社交媒体、电子商务管理和展示广告等多种营销手段,为您带来最大效益。让我们打开数字营销领域的大门,让您在新机遇的世界中脱颖而出!与Jademond Digital一起揭开成功的奥秘!


  • – The title ‘Heart of China’ does not truly reflect the reading habits of Chinese people and may be off-putting to readers.
  • – Replacing 广告 ‘advertising’ with 付费广告 ‘paid advertising’ is also quite unusual.
  • – The key point is lost in this paragraph as it is too long and dense.
  • – Breaking it up into shorter paragraphs could help make the point clearer.
  • – The translation is too mechanical and lacks beauty;
  • – some of the expressions used are not quite right, causing confusion.


  • – Fluency: 76
  • – Attractiveness / Interactivity: 69
  • – Relevance (to the audience): 76
  • – Accuracy of wording: 68
  • – Personal recommendation: 51

Summarized-Rating: 67


您是否在考虑于中国扩展在线业务?或是正在寻求改善公司数字营销战略的帮助?选择 Jademond Digital 为您服务,我们能同时解决以上所有需求。

Jademond Digital 能提供帮助企业深入开展数字营销方面的专长,向您指导开拓中国市场的独特机会。包括但不仅限于,在进入中国市场时提供专业化帮助,以克服语言、文化和地点方面的挑战。

而在业务方面,我们具体能为您做些什么呢?首先,我们能为您优化国内顶级搜索引擎排名,获取网络知名度。其次,我们有专门的团队能提供本地化支持,创作出吸引中国用户的内容,在各大社交媒体上进行软文推广,实施付费广告和展示广告的投放服务,进一步打响企业名号。在增长速度日益发达的电子商务方面,Jademond Digital也能提供专业的代理和支持。

我们的终极目标是:帮助您的企业在中国竞争激烈的市场中脱颖而出,Jademond Digital 与您一起走上数字营销的成功顶峰。


  • – Starting with questions can help readers quickly focus on the points of the text.
  • – It effectively identifies users’ pain points at the beginning.
  • – The structure is coherent and it clearly states what Jademond can do and how they can help.
  • – Logic flows smoothly throughout the text.
  • – Some phrases could be made more succinct.
  • – This post provides a detailed overview of Jademond’s business, which is great.
  • – However, some traces of machine translation are still present and the tone isn’t localized.


  • – Fluency: 83
  • – Attractiveness / Interactivity: 80
  • – Relevance (to the audience): 80
  • – Accuracy of wording: 79
  • – Personal recommendation: 81

Summarized-Rating: 80


与Jademond Digital一同,深入探索数字营销的奇妙世界。让我们一同踏上旅程,深入中国的心脏地带,发现无比前所未有的可能性!在我们的专业指导下,您可以突破语言障碍、文化鸿沟和地理边界,登上搜索引擎成功的顶峰。我们的团队会帮助您创作出令中国用户着迷的内容,带他们踏上一次关于您品牌和产品的迷人之旅。充分利用搜索引擎优化(SEO)、搜索引擎广告/每次点击付费(SEA / PPC)、广告、社交媒体、电商管理和展示广告来获取最大的利益。让我们为您打开数字营销世界的大门,让您在全新的机会世界中屹立不倒!与Jademond Digital一起,解锁成功的秘密。


  • – The first sentence is grammatically incorrect and could leave a negative impression on readers.
  • – The title “Heart of China” is not suited to the reading habits of Chinese people and may be better expressed in a different way.
  • – Replacing “advertising” with “paid advertising” is kind of strange.
  • – Some sentences are too long and not easy to read.
  • – The overall reading is not compelling.
  • – There is a strong likelihood that this was machine translated.


  • – Fluency: 66
  • – Attractiveness / Interactivity: 64
  • – Relevance (to the audience): 74
  • – Accuracy of wording: 63
  • – Personal recommendation: 45

Summarized-Rating: 61


与 Jademond Digital 一起沉浸在数字营销的奇迹中。 踏上中国心脏之旅,发现前所未有的无限可能! 凭借我们的专业知识和指导,您可以突破语言障碍、文化峡谷和地理界限——登上搜索引擎成功的巅峰。 我们的团队将协助您创建吸引中国用户的内容; 带他们踏上一段迷人的旅程,了解您的品牌和产品。 利用 SEO、SEA / PPC、广告、社交媒体、电子商务管理和展示广告以获得最大利益。 让我们打开一扇通往数字营销领域的大门,让您在充满机遇的新世界中屹立不倒! 与 Jademond Digital 一起解锁成功的秘诀。


  • – The content of the copy is accurate, however, the phrasing could be improved to make it more engaging.
  • – It may be better to use simply 广告 ‘advertising’ instead of 付费广告 ‘paid advertising’ (it is the key of advertising, that it is paid for, isn’t it?)
  • – Using a phrase such as ‘China’s Heart Tour’ in digital marketing may be strange and off-putting, and could be more clearly expressed.
  • – The last sentence in the copy is not very relevant to the overall message, and makes for an abrupt ending.
  • – It doesn’t seem very attractive or engaging to people who are unfamiliar with Jademond Digital.
  • – The overall flow of the copy is also quite choppy and could be improved substantially.


  • – Fluency: 75
  • – Attractiveness / Interactivity: 66
  • – Relevance (to the audience): 78
  • – Accuracy of wording: 74
  • – Personal recommendation: 64

Summarized-Rating: 70


Jademond Digital致力于为国内外企业提供全方位数字营销服务。公司于2012年在广州成立,随后在香港和上海设立办事处,拥有50多名经验丰富的专业技术人才,长期为客户尤其是希望开拓中国市场、开展数字营销的外国企业,打破语言、文化及地域壁垒,制定数字营销战略,提供搜索引擎优化、付费广告、展示广告、社交媒体营销和电子商务管理等服务,帮助企业打造品牌形象、推广产品、实现商业价值,在竞争激烈的市场脱颖而出。十几年的行业深耕,我们团队熟悉中国消费者心理,创造吸引用户的精品内容,为客户提升搜索引擎排名……想客户之所想,您的成功就是我们的成功!我们迫不及待想帮助您的企业在中国市场独领风骚。快来成为我们的合作伙伴!


  • – The article is highly accurate, with precise language and concise text that flows smoothly.
  • – It effectively introduces “who we are”, “what we do” and “what we can offer”.
  • – The second sentence is a bit lengthy and could be divided into two or three sentences to better suit Chinese reading habits.
  • – The localized language used in the text is also fluent.


  • – Fluency: 83
  • – Attractiveness / Interactivity: 76
  • – Relevance (to the audience): 83
  • – Accuracy of wording: 81
  • – Personal recommendation: 78

Summarized-Rating: 80


让自己沉浸在Jademond Digital的数字营销奇迹中。踏上中国心脏之旅,探索前所未有的无限可能世界!凭借我们的专业知识和指导,您可以突破语言障碍、文化峡谷和地理界限 – 登上搜索引擎成功的巅峰。我们的团队将协助您创建吸引中国用户的内容;带他们踏上迷人的旅程,进入您的品牌和产品。利用SEO,SEA / PPC,广告,社交媒体,电子商务管理和展示广告以获得最大收益。让我们打开一扇进入数字营销领域的大门,让您在充满机遇的新世界中站稳脚跟!与Jademond Digital一起解开成功的秘诀。


  • – The phrase “Heart of China” does not seem to capture the reading habits of Chinese people and is not an expression typically used.
  • – There are a lot of personal pronouns such as “you,” “we,” and “they” in the text, which can be confusing.
  • – The word 广告 ‘advertising’ appears to have been replaced with 付费广告 ‘paid advertising’, which does not work well in the context.
  • – There are still noticeable traces of translation and a lack of local tone.
  • – It is highly likely that the text has been machine translated.


  • – Fluency: 65
  • – Attractiveness / Interactivity: 63
  • – Relevance (to the audience): 64
  • – Accuracy of wording: 60
  • – Personal recommendation: 46

Summarized-Rating: 59









  • – The core elements of what we do and what we want are clearly outlined.
  • – The article has a pleasant, easy to read style.
  • – Some sentences could be improved but the overall structure is sound.
  • – It may be a little long, so shortening the content would make it easier to finish reading.
  • – The content is quite ordinary with few standout elements.


  • – Fluency: 76
  • – Attractiveness / Interactivity: 76
  • – Relevance (to the audience): 79
  • – Accuracy of wording: 79
  • – Personal recommendation: 78

Summarized-Rating: 77


欢迎来到Jademond Digital——让您的品牌在中国的数字世界里光彩照人的强大引擎。我们的专长不仅是深入且富有创意的数字营销,更是在助您开拓无比活跃且极具潜力的中国市场。

在全球化的商业环境中,Jademond Digital站在您的一边,破解进入中国市场的语言、文化和地点等各种挑战。我们不只是帮助您”翻译”,更是为您”解码”这个市场的独特之处,引导您深入理解、尊重和利用这里的文化特性。


Jademond Digital提供一站式的数字营销服务,包括搜索引擎优化、付费广告、社交媒体、电子商务和展示广告,这些都是构建成功的数字营销战略的重要元素。通过我们的专业服务,您可以确保品牌在中国市场的曝光度、互动度,以及销售转化率都将达到新的高度。

选择Jademond Digital,您将赢得进入数字营销世界的门票,享受精准定位、优化投放、持续优化等诸多好处。在这个竞争激烈的市场中,我们扮演着关键的角色,帮助您的品牌在众多竞争者中突出,赢得消费者的关注和选择。

所以,让我们一起行动吧,让Jademond Digital成为您的品牌在中国市场成功的助推器,让我们一起创造卓越的数字营销业绩,一起描绘属于您的中国市场成功蓝图。


  • – The article is very well written, the words are precise and the text is succinct, making it a pleasure to read.
  • – It starts off by clearly introducing Jademond’s company profile and highlighting their long history and strong team.
  • – Localization is done well.
  • – The only drawback is that some of the sentences are quite long which may be tiring when reading them in full; they could be split into two or three sentences to make it easier on the reader.


  • – Fluency: 83
  • – Attractiveness / Interactivity: 76
  • – Relevance (to the audience): 78
  • – Accuracy of wording: 80
  • – Personal recommendation: 78

Summarized-Rating: 79


欢迎来到Jademond Digital!作为一家专注于数字营销的公司,我们致力于帮助企业在中国市场扩展其在线业务,并改善其数字营销战略。无论您是一家刚刚进入中国市场的企业,还是希望加强在这个庞大市场的竞争力,我们都能为您提供卓越的服务。

我们引以为傲的是在帮助企业深入开展数字营销方面的专长。通过多年的经验和对中国市场的深入了解,我们了解并熟悉数字营销的最新趋势和最佳实践。在Jademond Digital的指导下,您将能够充分利用中国市场中独特的机遇,实现更快速和更可持续的增长。


在Jademond Digital,我们不仅仅是为您获得顶级搜索引擎排名的能力而自豪,更是深信内容才是王道。我们拥有一支经验丰富的内容创作团队,能够为您创造出引人注目、独特且针对中国用户的内容。无论是吸引用户的文章、精美的视觉设计,还是有趣的社交媒体互动,我们致力于让您在中国市场中脱颖而出。


选择Jademond Digital作为您的数字营销合作伙伴,将为您带来丰厚的回报。我们的专业知识、专注和创新精神将帮助您在竞争激烈的市场中脱颖而出。我们的目标是为您提供量身定制的数字营销解决方案,以实现您的目标并推动您的业务增长。

现在就行动起来,让Jademond Digital成为您成功的助力。联系我们的团队,让我们一起开创数字营销的新篇章!


  • – The expression is precise and the introduction is comprehensive, making it an attractive article.
  • – Jademond Digital’s service is well-introduced so that new users can quickly understand what we offer and what we are capable of.
  • – However, some sentences read awkwardly, while some translations lack localisation and the content length could be shortened.
  • – The penultimate paragraph is translated more idiomatically, but the second paragraph could be improved in terms of fluency.


  • – Fluency: 83
  • – Attractiveness / Interactivity: 79
  • – Relevance (to the audience): 78
  • – Accuracy of wording: 80
  • – Personal recommendation: 79

Summarized-Rating: 80


与Jademond Digital一起沉浸在数字营销的奇迹中。踏上前往中国中心的旅程,发现一个前所未有的可能性世界 在我们的专业知识和指导下,你可以突破语言障碍、文化峡谷和地理界限–上升到搜索引擎成功的顶峰。我们的团队将协助你创建吸引中国用户的内容;带领他们进入你的品牌和产品的迷人旅程。利用搜索引擎优化、SEA/PPC、广告、社交媒体、电子商务管理和展示广告来获得最大的利益。让我们为您打开一扇进入数字营销领域的大门,使您能够在一个充满机遇的新世界里站稳脚跟!与Jademond Digital一起解开成功的秘诀。


  • – Ensure “you (您)” is used consistently throughout to refer to the customer, as this shows respect and is more appropriate in a formal setting. Avoid using both “you (您)” and “you (你)” within the same paragraph.
  • – “China Central” is not an expression that Chinese people typically use, and it does not read well.
  • – There is a strong indication of machine translation having been used.


  • – Fluency: 63
  • – Attractiveness/interactivity: 63
  • – Relevance (to the audience): 68
  • – Accuracy of wording: 59
  • – Personal recommendation: 44

Summarized-Rating: 58


与Jademond digital一起沉浸在数字营销的奇迹中。走进中国的心脏地带,发现一个前所未有的可能性世界!凭借我们的专业知识和指导,您可以突破语言障碍、文化峡谷和地理界限,登上搜索引擎成功的顶峰。我们的团队将帮助您创造吸引中国用户的内容;带他们进入您的品牌和产品的迷人旅程。利用SEO、SEA/PPC、广告、社交媒体、电子商务管理和显示广告,实现最大效益。让我们打开一扇进入数字营销领域的大门,让您在充满机遇的新世界中屹立不倒!用Jademond Digital解锁成功的秘密。


  • – The Chinese copy contains inaccuracies in terms of wording and terminology; for example, ‘Display Ads’ (展示广告) instead of “display ads” (显示广告)?
  • – There are also punctuation errors present.
  • – It appears likely that the copy has been machine translated.


  • – Fluency: 63
  • – Attractiveness / Interactivity: 69
  • – Relevance (to the audience): 65
  • – Accuracy of wording: 59
  • – Personal recommendation: 46

Summarized-Rating: 61


尽情沉浸在Jademond Digital的数字营销奇迹中吧!踏上中国的心脏,发现一个前所未有的可能性世界!借助我们的专业知识和指导,您可以突破语言障碍、文化峡谷和地理界限,登上搜索引擎成功的巅峰。我们的团队将协助您打造吸引中国用户的内容,将他们带入您品牌和产品的迷人旅程。利用SEO、SEA/PPC、广告、社交媒体、电商管理和展示广告等手段,以获取最大利益。让我们为您打开数字营销的大门,让您在机遇的新世界中傲然屹立!与Jademond Digital一起揭开成功的秘密。


  • – There are some inaccuracies in the language, such as “the heart of China”, “means”, and “unveils… The secret of”.
  • – It is strange to see the short phrase 踏上中国的心脏(set foot on Chinese heart).
  • – The copy has good fluency, but further optimization of expressions would make it more suitable for marketing content.
  • – Some sentences could benefit from a smoother flow.


  • – Fluency: 71
  • – Attractiveness / Interactivity: 71
  • – Relevance (to the audience): 73
  • – Accuracy of wording: 65
  • – Personal recommendation: 50

Summarized-Rating: 66


欢迎来到Jademond Digital,一家专注于数字营销策略的专业公司。我们的专长在于帮助企业深入开展数字营销,提升在线业务并改善数字营销战略。在中国市场快速发展的今天,我们特别擅长帮助您开拓这个独特的商机。

作为一家领先的数字营销公司,Jademond Digital在帮助客户克服语言、文化和地点方面的挑战方面具有丰富的经验。我们了解中国市场的特点和消费者行为,知道如何让您的产品和服务在这个市场中脱颖而出。

我们的专业知识和技能使我们在行业中处于领先地位。凭借出色的搜索引擎优化(SEO)和付费广告(Paid Advertising)技能,我们可以帮助您的品牌在顶级搜索引擎中获得排名,为您的业务带来更多的曝光和流量。

Jademond Digital的内容创作团队能够深入了解中国消费者的需求和喜好,创作出符合他们兴趣的内容。我们的团队拥有丰富的社交媒体、电子商务和展示广告经验,能够为您的数字营销策略提供全方位的支持。


加入Jademond Digital,您将能够享受数字营销带来的诸多好处,包括更高的曝光率、更多的流量、更多的客户和更多的销售额。我们的专业团队将帮助您的企业在竞争激烈的市场中脱颖而出,展示出您在数字营销行业的成功经验。

最后,我们强烈建议您在Jademond Digital的帮助下获得成功。让我们的专业团队为您的企业提供最优质的数字营销服务,让您的业务在中国市场实现腾飞!


  • – The content is excellent and provides a great reading experience that is in line with Chinese reading habits.
  • – 我们 (we) has been used 12 times throughout the text, better using the company name Jademond Digital would create a more professional feel than using only “we”.
  • – The marketing sense is clearly organized and mechanized but could be made more attractive to potential customers by avoiding overly stereotypical language.
  • – The overall features of Jademond are presented in a smooth and clear way, although data support such as the number of teams and history could be included to make it more appealing.
  • – The text is long and does not effectively highlight its key points.


  • – Fluency: 78
  • – Attractiveness / Interactivity: 75
  • – Relevance (to the audience): 80
  • – Accuracy of wording: 80
  • – Personal recommendation: 77

Summarized-Rating: 77

What is better: Translation or Transcreation to Chinese?

Did you play along? Did you guess which authors were translating and which were transcreating the content to Mandarin Chinese? Here comes the solution:

Translators (with summarized rating):

  • – Michael; Rating: 58
  • – James; Rating: 59
  • – Olivia; Rating: 61
  • – David; Rating: 61
  • – Emily; Rating: 64
  • – Sophia; Rating: 66
  • – Christopher; Rating: 67
  • – Abigail; Rating: 70

Transcreators (with summarized rating):

  • – Wilhelm; Rating: 77
  • – Lissy; Rating: 77
  • – Matthew; Rating: 79
  • – Gertrude; Rating: 80
  • – Melanie; Rating: 80
  • Daniel; Rating: 80

It’s no secret that Chinese texts transcreated by native speakers outperform machine translations and translations from English. But we wanted more than just a hunch; we sought to prove our theory through testing. After seeing the results, there is no doubt in our minds: We will never offer translations – be they generated by machines or humans – to our clients again. Our offers are now exclusive to native Chinese transcreation only! Through this process, we can ensure stunningly good copy that captivates readers and inspires action.

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