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The name of a company is a fundamental aspect of its brand identity, ubiquitous in every aspect of its presence, from Google searches to business cards and even coffee cups. A powerful example is how the mere sight of a logo, like Nike’s swoosh, instantly evokes the brand name in people’s minds. Such is the […]

Anchored in the heart of Europe, Germany houses an impressive population of approximately 83 million individuals. This diverse tapestry of people, stretching from the shores of the North Sea to the peaks of the Bavarian Alps, shapes a vibrant and unique digital marketing landscape. Despite its historical and cultural richness, Germany does not rest on […]

This article is a collaborative effort between Marcus Pentzek and Issey Morita, a Japan-based marketing freelancer. With a rich professional background in food and outdoor gear marketing, Issey has since transitioned to freelancing, aiding both Japanese and international companies in their SEO strategies. His experience encompasses 15 years in SEO, over 100 diverse clients, and […]

This article was co-authored by Marcus Pentzek and HoGeon Kim. Based in South Korea, HoGeon is an SEO Specialist, Korean Digital specialist and copywriter who assists his clients in Digital Marketing strategies and execution for Korea. You can connect with HoGeon on LinkedIn where he shares his expertise on digital marketing in Asia. South Korea’s […]

This article was co-authored by Marcus Pentzek and Shakil Thasariya. Based in India, Shakil is an SEO specialist and content strategist who assists clients with finding low competition keywords, optimizing existing content, and expanding their online presence through SEO best practices. You can connect with Shakil on LinkedIn where he shares his expertise on digital marketing in Asia. Despite China’s size and […]

Do you want to translate English content into Simplified Chinese? You may be tempted to use one of the many free translation software solutions, such as Bing Translator, Google Translate, AI-powered Deepl or Baidu Fanyi. But are they really reliable and accurate? To answer that question, we tested all these services plus some of the […]

When it comes to localizing your website’s content from English or any other language into Chinese, you have a variety of options. Each of these solutions comes with its own price tag – and recently, the advent of Generative AI technology such as chatGPT has opened up entirely new possibilities. In this article, we’ll be […]

If you know me, you know that I know a lot about SEO for China. But when I am talking with my Chinese colleagues in Guangzhou, I get verbally covered in terms I never heard of before. These terms may sound even English like G2C or O2O – but what the hack does that mean? […]

If you’re an online marketer working in China, then you know how important it is to be able to speak Mandarin. After all, Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world. Mandarin can be a difficult language to learn, but with this specific SEO and SEA vocabulary list, you’ll be able to blend […]

Foreign e-commerce companies face different regulations for online promotion outside China. There are many specific restrictions regarding online Marketing in China, as the promulgation of the latest advertisement law and intellectual property rights protection law requires any advertisement to be summited to review a second time even if passed the review by media network. Since […]