Comprehensive Field Practices of Bilibili Marketing

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Born as an ACG (Animation, Comics and Game) community, Bilibili is celebrated by Generation Z in China and now is going beyond its original realm and expand itself to become a platform with diverse culture products and multiple verticals. Large number of B2C brands and some B2B brands are rolling out marketing activities on this platform to attract Chinese young generation. Here in this blog are some common practices of Bilibili marketing:

Bilibili Paid Advertising  

Brands can launch paid ad campaigns on Bilibli mobile app through Bilibili DSP. Ad format is native feed display ad. Threshold top-up amount is 5,000 RMB. Avg. CPM is 2 RMB for a mile exposure.



Ad cost on Bilibili is at the lower end comparing with other social media and app platforms. However, the targeting options are not as many. Verticals that are recommended to ad on Bilibili are to C brands in education, snacks & food, cosmetics, photography, lifestyle industries.

Sponsorship in OGV



OGV means Occupationally Generated Video, which are made and released by Bilibili. Brands can sponsor OGV and gain brand exposure effectively. This marketing practice, however, can be costly for many brands.

Brands can set up its own official Bilibili account and produce and publish video content on Bilibili to attract followers, engage with followers and win potential customers. What’s important is that brand needs to learn to blend in this platform and “dance” with the young people.

Unlike Youtube or Tencent video, Bilibili users doesn’t appreciate serious content. The representatives content of the platform, such as Japan animation series, auto-tune remix-themed content, games, etc., are all highly entertaining and informal content. If brands intend to win Bilibili followers with content marketing, they need to spend some time to create customized video pieces tailored to this platform.

Collaboration with Up Host

The last and most recommended way of Bilibili marketing is cooperating with Up host on PUGV. Up host is the major group of players and content contributors on Bilibili. PUGV (Professional User Generated Video) is the most content form on Bilibili, contributing to 89% of total views.

In this particular category, following three are mainstream cooperation mode:

Brand tailored PUGV

A brand selects the right Up host and offers Up host of promoted products, asking Up host to use the products and recommend to his/her followers on a certain PUGV. Once the Up host recognize and appreciate the products, he/she will present products through a practical application experience and effectively inspire the followers to buy.

Brands can contact the UP host directly or through the media platform. Bilibili has launched a “Firework” plan, which connect Up host, agents, and brands. Brands have to be careful when select Up host and select the ones that are similar to their brand perspective. Or an easier way is to contact Bilibili directly and get official recommendations.

Product/Brand Sponsorship in PUGV

Incorporation of brand elements in the UP host talent show videos (dance, singing, playing, etc.). This kind of marketing has low advertisement sense, high user acceptance, and strong content visibility. It is widely used on Bilibili by all industries including 3C, food and beverage, beauty cosmetics, etc.


PUGV Content Curation

Up host re-create a marketing or promotion video created by brand. This sort of content curation highly resemble Bilibili core content type and is welcomed by Bilibili users. It’s a great way to continue spreading brand influence and effectively enhance brand awareness. All brands and industries can try out this method.

Case Study: FANTA PUGV



Fanta teamed up with Bilibili to launch this year’s “Bilibili Brain Storming Festival”, with the theme of “Godlike Craft “, calling on users to upload original videos related to craft creativity. UP masters of different realm such as food, dance, music, etc. were invited to share their thought and skills together with Fanta. The creative video presented was not only praised by fans, but also helps Fanta build a positive image among Bilibili users of all circles and groups.

Recently in June, Dior has setup the brand Bilibili account, becoming the first luxury brand launching official campaign on the platform. It suggests that more well-established brands are likely to enter Bilibili and engage with young China Generation Z, and Jademond will keep sharing latest insight and news of this growing platform.

Kun has 10 years digital marketing experiences in Europe and China. His expertise includes SEO, Social Media, PPC and mobile marketing. He manages the strategy and business development of Jademond Digital. Pior to Jademond, he played provital roles in search marketing agency in Hong Kong, mobile marketing agencies in China and online video portal in Europe.

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