How to promote your brand on Chinese livestream platforms?

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Live-streaming is a hot topic in China’s social media marketing and considered one of the main channels where brands can advertise and activate themselves. In 2020, the number of live-streaming users has exceeded 562 million and its market value surpassed 961 billion CN¥.

Live-streaming builds the opportunity to get closer with your potential customers in distinct platforms. However, how to live- stream in several platforms (WeChat, Weibo, Douyin, Little Red Book,Tmall etc.) at the same time? Shall we use several devices?

A girl uses more than 100 mobile phones to sell her products through live-streaming.

Jademond’s social media experts has just prepared a list of “10 reasons of why you shouldn’t live-stream with multiple devices” and also proposed a SMART solution to make multiplatform livestreaming easier. Let’s check it out:

Before the live-streaming


  1. You must have many devices, and each one of them must be set up with the right account and application;
  2. You must know the tools and rules of each platform, otherwise you are risking being banned by the platforms. As an example, In Weibo you can’t use a WeChat/Miniprogram QR code as the access link to your livestreaming, WeChat QR codes can’t be recognized by Weibo. On the other hand, in Douyin you can’t say your products are available on a WeChat store/Miniprogram, Douyin has its own e-commerce platform;
  3. Before live-streaming, you have to prepare a long list of all platforms’ names to promote to your followers that you are going to run a live-streaming here and there;

During the live-streaming

  1. You may need to answer questions from the audience, however due to the large quantity of devices you may need a team to do so;
  2. You also may need to manage your online reputation when someone says something unpleasant to you, so you need a team to help you monitor all the platforms and let you know about it. Online Reputation Management (ORM) is fundamental to any brand;
  3. You have to send your products’ links and coupons to all platforms, again you will need a solid team to help you do this too.
  4. You must run incentive campaigns on all platforms at the same time, and keep the popularity/moods of your live-streaming rooms. Another strong team is required here.
  5. Some platforms may have few people as your audience, you may consider closing your account in the platform, but you can’t, which would be rather awkward for a brand.

Multitasking during a livestream may lower its overall quality


After the live-streaming

  1. When the live-stream ends, you have to go to all the platforms to download their reports one by one, compile all data in order to review its performance and then decide next steps.
  2. You need to go to all the platforms to check and collect the questions and suggestions posted by your audience, therefore you can find out if there is anything valuable to include in your report.

In conclusion, doing a live-streaming with several devices takes a lot of human resources and its cost changes according to its quality, of which may be off your budget.


There is another solution! Thanks to the I.T. guys, we can synchronize all platforms in one place i.e., broadcast to all platforms using only one device.

Xiaoetong recently launched a multi-livestreaming platform covering: WeChat, Weibo, Douyin etc. It also allows brands to introduce products/services and collect sales leads through mobile and desktop devices. Jademond recently live-streamed to multiple platforms by using only one computer and two employees, (a host and a community manager).

There are three steps to broadcast to third-party platforms:

1 – Access the platform by clicking HERE

Login to the live-streaming management backend and click on ”More”.

2 – Select “broadcast to third party platform” under the “Distribution” section.


3 –  Add the third-party platforms rtmp URL. *REMEMBER* Before doing this step, you need to log in the third live-streaming platforms in order to get the rtmp URL.

Besides Xiaoetong, there are several other live-streaming tools you can use according to different needs, such as:,, and The platform’s functionality and price may vary on demand. Tencent Cloud also provides technology to support companies to develop/customize their own livestreaming tool by fitting its needs.

Other basic functions, like: live-streaming interface design, preheat, multiple engagements ways, order management etc. are all available. The platform can also direct traffic to the brand’s official channels. A card can be added under the live-streaming, users can click the card to follow the brand’s WeChat official account thus increasing its followers. All you need to do is integrate all the platforms’ APIs with the live-streaming tool.

Live-streaming can be easier and cost-efficient, you just need to find the right way to proceed and a professional partner to support your project. Jademond have had built up close partnerships with a series of live-streaming tool providers, and have a strong social marketing team mastered in all main social media platforms as well. Our developers are used to code and customize our clients accounts, which enable us to well tailor any live-streaming campaign. China is a competitive fast-moving market, achieving great results depends on moving fast and targeting the right audience with quality content.

Looking to leverage you Marketing results in China? Contact us now by clicking “HERE” and us know more about your project and objectives in China.

Kun has 10 years digital marketing experiences in Europe and China. His expertise includes SEO, Social Media, PPC and mobile marketing. He manages the strategy and business development of Jademond Digital. Pior to Jademond, he played provital roles in search marketing agency in Hong Kong, mobile marketing agencies in China and online video portal in Europe.

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