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Is Regulator MIIT killing SEO in China?

SEO is the art of helping the search engine understand what a website is about - what keywords it might be relevant for.…
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SEO for China / Baidu Book

Baidu SEO Book 2022

It's done - the new book is published. We've been planning and rescheduling, writing and rewriting for some time. And it's wonderful to…
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Tmall and Taobao merging together: What will change?

Alibaba's extensive adjustment - Taobao and Tmall will be fully integrated On January 6th, 2022, Trudy Dai (Shan Dai), the new president of…
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Taobao and TMALL Store Analytics 101: Learn how to Get Insights and Improve your Sales

The official data analytics tool is fundamental for any business looking for online customers, once it permits the brand to improve its storefront…
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Top 3 legal problems eCommerce Companies usually Encounter when Advertise in China

Foreign e-commerce companies face different regulations for online promotion outside China. There are many specific restrictions regarding online Marketing in China, as the…
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How to become a TMALL International TP Service Provider?

With the development of e-commerce, as more international brands choose to stand to Tmall International, since many business opportunities are coming, additional benefits…
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How to Gain Free Traffic on JD and Tmall by Attending Shopping Festivals?

If you have read "How to start selling your product and setting up a suitable store in China?", by the time you are…
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Why is PPC advertising decentralized in China?

I believe you may use google as your main search engine and when you are looking for a specific brand or product you…
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Drop Shipping Blog Cover

How to ship and sell your products in China?

In countries where is available, brands are able to ship their products to Amazon warehouse and from there to end customers and…
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How to promote your brand on Chinese livestream platforms?

Live-streaming is a hot topic in China’s social media marketing and considered one of the main channels where brands can advertise and activate…
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new baidu seo ranking factors study 2024 download

Baidu SEO Breakdown: Ranking Factors of the Chinese Search Engine Titan

There's been a plethora of studies exploring Google's ranking factors, conducted by various entities including ourselves. However, a detailed and systematic examination of…
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Advanced Guide to Toutiao Advertising

To marketers and ad managers with China being their target market, Bytedance apps, particularly Toutiao and Douyin, are growing to be the most…
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Bilibili Logo Gen Z

Comprehensive Field Practices of Bilibili Marketing

Born as an ACG (Animation, Comics and Game) community, Bilibili is celebrated by Generation Z in China and now is going beyond its…
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Red vs Wechat store 2

Social E-commerce Platforms Comparison—-Little Red Book vs. WeChat Mini-program

When it comes to social e-commerce, the first thing that comes to Chinese people’s mind is WeiShang (WeChat Business), the people who sells…
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101 on Little Red Book the cross-border eCommerce App in China

Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book, RED) is an app that provides overseas shopping tips and allows its users to share experiences from their trips…
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