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chinese TLDs on Baidu

List of TLDs / Top-Level-Domains in China

In the vast expanse of the internet, each country puts its own unique stamp on web addresses with what we call Top-Level Domains…
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What is SEO? And why does it need such an article?

When was the last time you tried explaining your job to someone and received a confused stare in return? For me, it was…
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How Luxury Brands could Harness the Power of the Dragon for Chinese New Year 2024

As the Year of the Wood Dragon dawns, brands worldwide are igniting their Chinese New Year campaigns. These efforts, aligning with the Lunar…
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european business-delegetion to huangpu-guangzhou china

European/German Business Delegation Journey to Huangpu, Guangzhou 2023

Welcome to my chronicle of an extraordinary journey to the heart of innovation and technological prowess in China – the Huangpu District in…
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Differences between the 2020 Searchmetrics and the 2023/2024 Jademond Baidu Ranking Factors Studies

SEO practitioners working on SEO for Baidu often use tactics and principles based on their experience with SEO for Google peppered with opinions…
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German Digital Marketing Landscape

Anchored in the heart of Europe, Germany houses an impressive population of approximately 83 million individuals. This diverse tapestry of people, stretching from…
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Japanese Digital Marketing Landscape

This article is a collaborative effort between Marcus Pentzek and Issey Morita, a Japan-based marketing freelancer. With a rich professional background in food…
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online marketing landscape korea

Korean Digital Marketing Landscape

This article was co-authored by Marcus Pentzek and HoGeon Kim. Based in South Korea, HoGeon is an SEO Specialist, Korean Digital specialist and…
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online marketing landscape in India

Indian Digital Marketing Landscape

This article was co-authored by Marcus Pentzek and Shakil Thasariya. Based in India, Shakil is an SEO specialist and content strategist who assists clients with…
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keywords search demand curve for China longtail keywords

The Power of Chinese Long-Tail Keywords

What are Keywords? When we dive into the world of SEO, keywords become our trusty companions. But what exactly are these elusive creatures?…
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Chinese localization - translate or transcreate

Unlock the Full Potential of Transcreation for Effective Localization and Engagement in China!

For companies looking to expand into the lucrative Chinese market, localization, and engagement with Chinese customers is key. Translation often doesn't do the…
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chinese translation services from Google, Bing, Baidu and Deepl

Google, Baidu, Bing or Deepl Translation to Chinese?

Do you want to translate English content into Simplified Chinese? You may be tempted to use one of the many free translation software…
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Chinese localization - translate or transcreate

Chinese Translation or Mandarin Transcreation?

When it comes to localizing your website's content from English or any other language into Chinese, you have a variety of options. Each…
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Baidu Doodle Celebrates the 2023 College Entrance Examination

As the College Entrance Examination unfolds across China from June 7th to 8th, all eyes are on this momentous event, not only for…
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special chinese online marketing terminology

Mysteries of Chinese Marketing Terminology

If you know me, you know that I know a lot about SEO for China. But when I am talking with my Chinese…
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