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While SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing, which includes SEO and paid Listings, SEA focuses on paying for the Ads listings in Search Engine Results pages.

We are your Asian Pacific SEA Marketing Agency

In Asia there are a couple search engines that offer paying for Ads / payed listings. In China that are Baidu, Qihoo / 360search, Sogou. In Japan that are Yahoo Japan, Google and Bing. For South Korea that are Naver, Daum, Kakao, Google and Bing. For most other Asian Pacific countries (Like Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, ...) that are Google and Bing.

Qing He, experienced SEO and PPC specialist for International and Chinese Search Engine Marketing
Head of Search (SEA & SEO)
Qing is the Head of Search at Jademond Digital. He oversees all Baidu SEO, Google SEO and Search-Ads strategies for all…
Biddable Media Manager
Frank is responsible for our biddable Ads projects, He likes watching movies, playing football, and playing games in his spare…
Xiaofang Chen
SEO/SEM Specialist
Xiaofang has been engaged in network promotion for 10 years, proficient in SEM promotion, familiar with SEO promotion. She is…
SEO/SEM Specialist
Tiffany is a senior SEO and SEM project specialist at Jademond. She’s a dedicated speicliast with rich expierence in B2B…

Search Ads Marketing in the Marketing mix

One of the most effective ways with fastest ROI for doing marketing in Asia and Asia Pacific is SEA. While many companies still call it SEM (Search Engine Marketing), one needs to realize that this is the wrong term, as SEM actually is a combination of all marketing methods that are available on Search Engines - which is not only Ads (SEA) but also SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Different from SEO, Search Ads show direct impact on visitors to the website. But that needs the SEA manager to pick the right search engine, that target the wanted audience, plan the right strategy, which not only means picking the right keywords, but also regions, time slots, longtail combinations, brand queries, writing interesting copy and much more.

Our experienced native SEA managers know the different search engine ads programs from the inside out and will help you to set up a good ROI driven SEA strategy for Asia.

Some Search Engines we manage Ads for:

  • Baidu Search in China
  • Sogou Search in China
  • Qihoo / 360search in China
  • Yahoo Search in Japan
  • Naver Search in South Korea
  • Daum Search in South Korea
  • Bing Search world wide
  • Google Search world wide

Some of our SEA clients in Asia

  • PPC services for Leica Microsystems
  • China PPC for Crucial
  • Pay pe Click services for videojet
  • PPC for Xrite
  • ppc management
    PPC Management Projects
  • paid search advertising
    Paid Search PPC Campaigns
  • PPC Remarketing
    Successful PPC Remarketing Campaigns

Our Search Ads (SEA) Management Services in Asia-Pacific:

  • 01

    With Baidu being the most used search engine in China, SEA for Baidu is one of the fastest ways to drive traffic to your e-commerce or brand website in Mainland China.

  • 02

    With Naver being one much used search engine in South Korea, running ads on Naver (Naver SEA / Naver PPC) is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to drive traffic to your ecommerce or brand website in Korea.

  • 03
    Yahoo Ads / Japan Search PPC

    With Yahoo being one much used search engine in Japan, running ads on Yahoo (Yahoo SEA / Yahoo PPC) is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to drive traffic to your ecommerce or brand website in Japan.

  • 03

    With Google being the most used Search Engine world wide, running ads on Google is a valid strategy to drive fast and reliable traffic to your ecommerce or brand website in almost any country in this world, be it in many APAC countries like Indonesia, Thailand, India or Australia and in Europe and the USA and Canada.

A Promise from Kun Tang, Founder and CEO of Jademond / Jadegital

Kun Tang, Founder and CEO

In China and all over APAC, Search Engine Advertising is an effective marketing method. It covers Search Ads in Search Engine Result Pages of different search services like Baidu, Sogou, Yahoo Japan, Google, Bing and alike. For our clients we will evaluate the strategically most effective Search Pay Per Click strategy.


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