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Chinese Content Production for Websites and Social Media

You might think, that you could easily translate your content into Chinese. But that is not the case. You probably already heard, that automatically translation tools like Google-Translate, Bing-Translate, Yandex-Translate and even Deepl or Baidu-Fanyi can not produce good Chinese content, which should be a translation of your English content. But the quality is extremely bad.

Now you might think, to hire your professional translation agency, with native speakers from all around the world? Sure, they would produce great Chinese sentences, absolute perfect translations of your English content. But these would most likely still not perform on Search or Social Media in China. Because these contents were never produced for the Chinese market - they were produced for the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Spain or Europe. But not for China.

You need content producers that have the Chinese people, the Chinese culture and the Chinese every day life in mind, when producing the content. You do only need to find the right words - you need to find the right topics, symbols and angles when producing content, which should resonate in the heads of your audience.

We support your Chinese Content production with:

Native Mandarin speakers ...

    • ... from China
    • ... from Taiwan
    • ... from Singapore

Native Cantonese speakers ...

    • ... from Hongkong

Performing and observing your Chinese Content Production for any Chinese market you intend to enter.

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