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Our experienced Tmall Operations specialists and E-Commerce managers will help you to maintain your Tmall shop, answer client requests and process orders.

You found your new partner for managing your Tmall stores in China

Are you looking to expand your business to Tmall, the largest B2C online marketplace in China? Our team of experienced professionals can help you navigate the complexities of Tmall and effectively manage your store on the platform. From setting up your store to handling customer inquiries and shipping orders, we offer a range of services to help you succeed on Tmall. With our assistance, you can focus on growing your business while we handle the day-to-day management of your Tmall store. Let us help you tap into the vast potential of the Chinese e-commerce market and take your business to the next level.

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Starting a Tmall-Business is not easy - all by yourself

Expanding a company to China can be a challenging process, as it involves navigating a complex and rapidly evolving business environment with its own unique set of cultural, regulatory, and market factors. To successfully expand to China, companies must have a full service in-house team that is capable of providing the highest quality of work and streamlining Chinese brand communications across a range of digital marketing channels such as WeChat, Weibo, Baidu, and TMall.

Using these digital marketing channels effectively can help to grow the client's brand and increase sales in the Chinese market. However, it is important for companies to understand that marketing to Chinese consumers requires a deep understanding of local cultural and consumer preferences, as well as the ability to adapt to changes in the market.

Effective expansion to China also requires careful planning and the ability to navigate a complex regulatory environment, including issues related to intellectual property, data privacy, and cybersecurity. Companies must also be prepared to adapt to the fast-paced nature of the Chinese market, which can be highly competitive and require a high level of agility and innovation to succeed.

Some of the services we can offer to you:

Starting your Tmall Store

  • Researching SKUs and categories
  • Conducting competitor research
  • Registering for a TMall flagship store
  • Designing the TMall store
  • Training the customer service team
  • Creating and uploading product content and images
  • Deploying the store
  • Activating the store and making it live

Operating you Tmall-Store

  • Managing the store
  • Handling in-platform operations
  • Providing customer service
  • Improving the store's search ranking on TMall through SEO
  • Collaborating with key opinion leaders and utilizing live streaming
  • Running campaigns and promotions


  • Monitoring and improving store performance
  • Managing product offerings
  • Implementing loyalty programs
  • Tracking and analyzing data
  • Maintaining a positive reputation
  • Managing inventory levels
  • Managing financial resources

Tmall for your Ecommerce Success in China

  • What is Tmall?

    Tmall is a Chinese e-commerce company that was founded by Jack Ma in 2008. The company's headquarters are located in Hangzhou, China and it is the largest business-to-consumer (B2C) online shopping site in China.

    The importance of tmall for ecommerce in china cannot be overstated. It offers an international platform for companies to sell their products to Chinese consumers and it has a growing list of over 100 million active users on the site. It is also the world's largest business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce platform with more than 400 million monthly active users.

  • Tmall Account setup can be a hassle

    Becoming a partner on Tmall can be a hassle for some brands, but there are agencies like Jademond that are ready to help you out. They have been working with foreign brands for years and know what it takes to get your products sold on Tmall.

    Jademond is an established TP with years of experience in cross-border trade and we are ready to help you start selling on Tmall today!

  • Jademond Digital is a full-service China E-Commerce agency

    We assist companies in setting up and managing their stores on Tmall (and other platforms). We help with the registration process, design and launch of the store, and integration of popular payment methods such as Alipay and WeChat Pay.

    In addition to managing the store, Jademond Digital can also perform market analysis on competitors and assist with advertising products to reach the right audience and drive sales. Overall, we provide a comprehensive range of services to help companies succeed on Tmall and in the Chinese e-commerce market.

How Jadegital can help you with your Tmall Management

  • Tmall Partner (TP)
    We are an official Partner with Tmall, the leading B2C online marketplace in China, to reach millions of potential customers. With us as your Tmall Partner, you can easily set up and manage your own online store on Tmall, giving you the opportunity to tap into China's thriving e-commerce market.
  • Tmall Store Set up
    Setting up a Tmall store is simple and straightforward with our expert guidance and support. Let us handle the technical details while you focus on building your brand and growing your business on Tmall.
  • Design Tmall store
    Our team of experienced designers will create a visually stunning Tmall store that showcases your products and brand in the best possible way for a Chinese audience. With our custom design services, you can stand out from the competition and attract more customers to your Tmall store.
  • Mandarin customer service
    Provide top-notch customer service to your Chinese customers with our Mandarin-speaking support team. Our team is available to assist with any questions or concerns your customers may have, helping to build trust and loyalty for your brand.
  • Off-Site Marketing
    Our marketing team will help you reach a wider audience through targeted off-site marketing campaigns. From social media ads to search engine optimization, we have the skills and expertise to effectively promote your Tmall store to potential customers.
  • Chinese Social Media
    Leverage the power of social media to reach Chinese consumers where they spend their time online. We can help you create and manage social media campaigns on platforms like Weibo and WeChat to drive traffic and sales to your Tmall store.

A Promise from Kun Tang, Founder and CEO of Jademond / Jadegital

Kun Tang, Founder and CEO

We have many years of experience in helping western businesses to sell their successfully on Tmall and other Chinese E-Commerce platforms. We can be your successful Tmall Partner as well. Let's jump on a quick call to see if our offer suits your needs and to find out if we find each other sympathetic.


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