Little Red Book Commerce

Little Red Book or "RED" or "LRB" for short, or by its Chinese name 小红书 (XiaoHongShu), is a great way for Western companies to sell their brands.

Need help getting started with RED E-Commerce?

Xiaohongshu is not just a social media app. It's a whole new experience of entertainment, distraction, topic and product research, and shopping mall all in one smartphone app. It looks simple - but the large number of options and people makes it a challenge to be discovered and leave a positive impression. But it's also a great opportunity to get a foothold in the Chinese market with your brand. You'll need help - and we're here to provide it.

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Why selling on Xiao Hong Shu (Little Red Book / LRB / RED)?

Xiao Hong Shu is a social network app for cell phones with an average of 200 million active users.

About 70% of users are in their 30s (born in the 1990s), which means they are in the strongest buying phase. They have finished school and university, are in the middle of their working lives, have already started a family (marriage and child) and have money to buy.

The Little Red Book app provides the 70% of the female target audience with the distraction from their hectic daily lives that they need to inspire what they want to buy next.

KOLs (key opinion leaders) and KOCs (key opinion customers) play an important role here. The audience likes to look up to these idols (KOLs) and trust like-minded people - people on the same social level - (KOCs) when they try out and promote new products or brands.

LRB is actively used to search for products and themes, get inspiration for the next shopping trip, learn about KOLs' and KOCs' experiences with the products, make a decision on a brand, and often buy it directly through XiaoHongShu Mall.

That forces brands, that are active on XiaoHongShu to not only use the Social Media functionalities, but also to open up an own store on RED Mall.

If the brand thus promoted manages to successfully launch its own store in the LRB Mall, the sale of its products will work like a dream.

Some of the services we can offer to you:

Starting your Little Red Book Store

  • Determine the products and categories to offer in your Little Red Book store
  • Analyze the competition in your market
  • Register for a Little Red Book store account
  • Plan and design the layout and appearance of your store
  • Provide customer service training to your team
  • Prepare product descriptions and images for your store's inventory
  • Launch your store online
  • Make your store active and available for customers to shop

Operating you RED-Store

  • Managing the RED pop-up store
  • In-platform operations
  • Customer service
  • Collaborating with KOLs and KOCs
  • Planning and producing live streams with KOLs and KOCs

LRB Optimization

  • Monitoring and improving the store, ads and posting performance
  • Tracking and analyzing data
  • Managing product offerings
  • Positive Reputation management
  • Managing inventory levels
  • Managing payment options

Three good reasons to choose Jademond as your "Little Red Book" agency.

  • Experience

    Jadegital has a team of experienced professionals who are experts in e-commerce and digital marketing and have a deep understanding of the Chinese market and the unique challenges and opportunities associated with selling on Little Red Book.

    This means we can provide valuable advice and support to Western companies looking to enter the Chinese market.

  • Long Track Record

    Jadegital has a long track record of helping Western companies succeed on Little Red Book and other Chinese e-commerce platforms.

    We have a wealth of experience working with brands of all sizes and can help companies develop effective strategies to reach and engage with potential customers on the platform.

  • High-Quality Service

    Jadegital is committed to providing quality service and support to our customers. We work closely with our customers to understand their needs and goals, and provide personalized solutions to help businesses succeed on Little Red Book and beyond.

    Overall, Jadegital is a reliable and trusted partner for Western companies looking to enter the Chinese market through Little Red Book.

How Jadegital Can Help You With Your XiaoHongShu Management

  • Official Account registration
    Not only do you need to sign up, you need to open an official brand account on LRB to start selling products. We have done this for many brands and can do it for you as well. On the web, users can recognize official accounts by the small blue "V" certificate icon next to their name.
  • Setting up your official store on LRB
    After registering your account, you need to set up the store, design it and fill it with brands and information about your brand. This should be done in a way that Chinese users expect. Being Chinese users ourselves, we know what to do.
  • Monthly Content Production
    To be visible on Little Red Book, you need to publish new content regularly - ideally several times a week, but you can also start with one post per month. We can help you find the right topics and create the posts with your input.
  • Creating XiaoHongShu Ads to promote your brand
    Social ads are an important tool to fill the gaps between monthly content production and posts from KOLs and KOCs. With creative ads on XiaoHongShu, we dramatically increase the reach.
  • Creating Ads on other Social platforms
    Now that Chinese Internet companies are forced to open up and allow the publication of links on other platforms, publishing ads on WeChat, Douyin and Toutiao helps to further increase brand awareness.
  • KOL and KOC cooperations
    XiaoHongShu offers a special internal tool called Dandelion 蒲公英 to connect you with KOCs and KOLs from different industries. We have experience in helping you select the right KO (Key Opinion Partner) to help you promote your business.
  • KOL live broadcasts
    Live streaming is a big topic in China, on Chinese social medias and especially on XiaoHongShu. We can help you with live scheduling and streaming.
  • Category & Product Management
    Selecting the right products from your portfolio for the Chinese market and for XiaoHongShu is a challenge for Western companies. Good for you - we are native Chinese, LRB users ourselves and we are the target group - so we can help you with first-hand experience!
  • Product Promotion Strategy
    To promote your products to a Chinese audience, you need to find the right strategy - not only for your brand, but also the right strategy for each individual product. This can be a different strategy for individual products.
  • Chinese Customer Service
    Your audience and customers on XiaoHongShu are Chinese - they expect Chinese customer service. Good for you - we are here to support you and do the job for you.
  • LRB Store Management
    Managing the Little Red Book Store in the LRB Mall is also a challenge because the user interface is 100% in Chinese. Not only experienced people are needed here, but also native Chinese speakers. You need Jademond Little Red Book e-commerce management.

A Promise from Kun Tang, Founder and CEO of Jademond / Jadegital

Kun Tang, Founder and CEO

XiaoHongShu, Little Red Book, LRB or simply RED - there are many ways fans call their favorite app. LRB has evolved from an alternative social place to read from others and share your own little live stories to distract and entertain, to an integrated place to discover products and buy them directly. This may be very unique to the Chinese world, but it also offers Western brands a way to showcase and sell their products in the West. We can be your partner to help you in this jungle of opportunities. Many brands have failed. They don't have to fail.


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