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Integrated Advertising in China

What is Integrated Advertising

Integrated advertising is more effective than traditional advertising because it can achieve several goals. It can help you reach more target audiences by combining different media. Unlike traditional forms of advertising, integrated advertising can be very effective in generating quality new leads. It can also help you increase your brand awareness and sales. Besides, integrated advertising helps you achieve your goals by giving you a higher quality of new leads. You can even create videos and create informative infographics to promote your product or service.

The advantage of Integrated Ads

Integrated advertising works by making the advertising part of the surrounding media. It can be done in print, television, film, or digital formats. The goal of the integrated advertising is to make it appear like it is an integral part of the medium in which it is presented. Some consumers have complained about intrusive ads in this format, while others say it is an effective way to promote a product. It can be used to target different groups, such as millennials.

Some channels in China

Digital channels we utilize in China are for example: Baidu Ads, Youku, Bilibili, WeChat, Douyin, Toutiao, Kuaishou, Weibo, RED, Zhihu, Douba, ...

Offline channels you might want to target as well are print newspapers, TV, ...

Omnichannel Integration

Social Media Ads


Original Content 

“All successful brands, which managed to stablish themselves in East Asia, started their penetration strategy by advertising themselves in multiple channels. And slowly building an omnichannel integrating their advertising campaigns to all their networks.”


– Felipe Atkocius, Head of Marketing

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