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Display Advertising in China

Importance of Display Advertising

Display advertising has become an increasingly important part of internet marketing in China. It is an effective way to target specific audiences and increase conversion rates. The latest technology can help marketers take advantage of the Chinese market with greater efficiency. In China, display advertising is available on numerous websites. Advertisers can target the right audience with the right type of ad. They can choose a specific language, country, or even keyword to maximize the impact of their ads.

GEO Targeting

One of the hottest trends in the digital advertising industry today is the use of geo-targeted advertising. Geo-targeted ads allow marketers to show ads based on where the person is located. While basic information like IP address can provide a rough idea of location, more precise and predictive information is possible with the help of smartphone GPS and other geo-location services. Those who want to make their ad more relevant can use these tools.

Baidu is the largest network

Baidu is the most popular programmatic DSP in China. With more than 5 billion impressions on Baidu, it is an effective way to increase brand exposure. In addition, Baidu is known for tracking user behaviour. It can track a user's search term, social media activity, and more. This helps advertisers target the right audience and reach them in a more targeted manner. This type of display advertising is more sophisticated and personalized than other forms of online advertising in China.

Omnichannel Integration

Social Media Ads


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“All successful brands, which managed to stablish themselves in East Asia, started their penetration strategy by advertising themselves in multiple channels. And slowly building an omnichannel integrating their advertising campaigns to all their networks.”


– Felipe Atkocius, Head of Marketing

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