Qihoo 360 – What is Qihoo 360?

Qihoo 360 is a Chinese internet security company that has been developing antivirus software for mobile devices, computers, provides a web browser and a web search engine comparable to Baidu und Google. The company was founded in 2005 by Zhou Hongyi and Qi Xiangdong. The company’s antivirus software and mobile application store are the most popular in the country.

360 Safeguard Antivirus Software

Qihoo 360 Total Security Software
360 Total Security Software. Copyright: 360 Total Security

The company developed the 360 Safeguard and 360 Mobile Safe antivirus programs for computers. Its security software is free for personal use and comes with other features, including a secure browser and application store. For more information, see Qihoo.com. Its full name is Qihoo360 Technology Co. Ltd.

360 Search

In 2013, Qihoo was China’s second largest search engine with millions of monthly active users. It also offers cheaper cost-per-click than Baidu and is less competitive. Small budget advertisers can benefit from its low cost-per-click model, as it offers multiple advertising opportunities. According to the report, there are 461 million monthly active users.

As the company’s 360app (browing experience) is widely used. This way 360 Search access to vast amounts of consumer behavior data of millions of users. That is an advantage over Baidu to consider user behavior (like Google does) into ranking calculations.

Qihoo 360 Search Engine with Ads
Qihoo Search / 360search desktop homepage already offers space for advertising (bottom)

Qihoo’s mobile search software is a good alternative to Baidu’s. Its malware protection suite offers more than a hundred different options for users to search for information. It is easy to install and is free of malware. Both are effective at protecting computers. In some cases, Qihoo and Baidu have similar malware protection strategies. The main advantage of Qihoo, however, is its anti-spyware software is to scan all of the files on the device.

The 360 Search ads must cover both desktop and mobile devices. The bid for a mobile keyword must be significantly lower than the PC bid. Because Qihoo 360 owns many mobile apps, it has an advantage in this area. Moreover, Qihoo 360 ads can be offered in various models. One can choose a cost-per-click, cost-per-download, or cost-per-time model.

360 Secure Browser

Qihoo 360 Web Browser
360 Secure Browser is based on Chromium. Get it here: https://browser.360.cn/se/

In January 2011, Qihoo became the second most popular browser in China (after Internet Explorer) with 172 million monthly users, accounting for 44.1% of Chinese Internet users. According to independent sources, the actual figure is between 2% and 7%. In November 2014, StatCounter reported Qihoo as the fifth most popular browser in the United States. The main competitors in China are Sogou Sogou High Speed Analyst, Cheetah Mobile CM Analyst, Tencent, and Baidu QQ Analyst. Browsers from Baidu and Maxthon.

As of 2017, the latest version of 360 Secure Browser does not offer a range of visual user agents. It makes it Google Chrome or Internet Explorer, making it difficult for developers to identify and point to.

SEO for 360 Search / Qihoo Search (and Baidu)

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